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Orthopedic Chairs – Health Benefits Explained

Orthopedic Chairs – Health Benefits Explained

Orthopedic: A word that is often thrown around among people with sore feet, backs and necks but few people actually know what is means. The word generally relates to the branch of medicine which deals with the correction of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. In relation to this, orthopedic chairs provide support to your bones, joints, ligaments and muscles- mostly in your hips and spinal regions. 

Humans are bipedal- we have two feet and walk upright. We’re not biologically built to sit for 8 hours behind a desk and as a result, this lack of upright mobility puts enormous strain on the spine, neck and hip regions. Orthopedic chairs are especially designed to give adequate support to these parts of the body so that you don’t leave the office or workstation with various aches and pains- some of which may cause chronic or permanent damage overtime. 

Things you will notice when sopping for an orthopedic chair is that they are built to keep the sitter from hunching and straining the shoulders. 

Here are a few health benefits of orthopedic chairs:


Traditionally made chairs are one of the reasons why people tend to have incorrect posture while sitting at a desk. Orthopedic chairs support your posture by keeping your spine in a healthy natural position that keeps you from slouching or hunching your shoulders. The back of an orthopedic chair will therefore not be flat and straight but curved to the natural shape of a person’ spine. 


Orthopedic chairs and ergonomically designed chairs are more customizable to a person’s height and body shape that a stock-standard square shaped office chair. An orthopedic chair is therefore more comfortable- allowing you to sit for longer while preventing strain on your body. 

Reduces Risk of Neck Problems

Orthopedic chairs provide you with neck support by including a built-in neck rest that support your head and neck even when you stretch your body. Without this, stiffness in your neck and shoulder region is very common and may even affect your sleep. 

Reduces Pressure on Your Hips

Normal chairs are made from hard surfaces like plastic, wood and metal, while orthopedic chairs use softer fabrics and materials that don’t compress your joints- like your hips. Ergonomically and orthopedically designed chairs are also deeper, so this supports your hips and buttocks. 

Increase in Productivity

There’s a common theory that ‘comfort equals productivity’. A chair that causes you to experience ‘pins and needles’, your feet to ‘fall asleep’, aching in your back, neck or shoulders, will inevitably disturb your work-flow and ultimately, your productivity. If you’re sitting for a long period of time without having to get-up and stretch out your body because it is aching, you will get more done in a day and feel more accomplished and productive. 

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