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How To Organize Your Home Office For Maximum Efficiency

How To Organize Your Home Office For Maximum Efficiency

Home office organization is something we don’t think much about until it’s too late. You need a home office, so you create one. And over time, as you work in your home office, things stack and layer around you – used coffee mugs, a stack of files you keep meaning to put somewhere, software boxes, bills, orphaned pens – until one day, when something gets in your way or disappears for the umpteenth time, you suddenly realize that getting your home office organized is long overdue.

Full home office organization is a big job. It tends to be overwhelming at first glance (and even the second and third). Here are three small manageable things you can do to organize your home office right now.

Organising Home Office Furniture to Boost Productivity

  • Pick three things and throw them out.

We’ll start our home office organization with something easy just to get you in the mood and clear some space. There’s probably a lot more than just three things either on your desk or scattered around your home office that can go from your workspace right to the trash or recycling bin.

Come on, look closely. That visitors chair that’s pulling apart at the seams? The desk that creaks whenever you lean on it? If it’s not possible for you to repair the furniture, get tid of it. Sell it for a few bucks on Gumtree or OLX, and get some cash to buy newer furniture.

Feels good, doesn’t it? You don’t need to stop at just three things. If you see more obvious candidates for the trash, throw them out, too

  • Weed-out one filing drawer

Filing cabinets are the kings of clutter for most home offices, which is ironic because we think of them as clutter solutions.

In reality, though, we stuff them with whatever we can’t find a place for or whatever piece of paper we don’t need to deal with anymore but don’t want to throw away. So our filing cabinet becomes our own personal landfill and when it’s full, we just move in another one.

Sorting through the standard-sized four drawer filing cabinet can resemble an archeological dig with years of accumulated stuff to sift through. So let’s start small. Organize your home office by choosing one drawer and weeding through it, removing anything that’s no longer current or necessary. (Remember, though, that you need to keep your business records for six years.)

Documents and papers that you no longer have to keep should be shredded. You may be able to re-use old file folders.

Take it a step further by buying a cardboard file box and use it to store old files that you need to keep but don’t have to have immediate access to. Store the box in a spot away from your home office such as under the stairs, in the garage or in your apartment’s storage lockup. If you don’t have a filing cabinet, maybe check out our range here?

Voila! You have space in your filing cabinet again!

  • Re-evaluate your current office chair

Yes, it’s been there for you for years. It’s held you up when you’ve been falling asleep, it’s kept you going when you have a very tight deadline – but has your chair stood the test of time?

Having an ergonomic office chair in your home office can reap a myriad of major health benefits!

Not only will it bolster your productivity, it will help you work those longer hours associated with starting your own home-based business, and allow for you to feel at ease and comfortable each day (as you should!)

Ergonomic office chairs need not cost a fortune. View our range by clicking here.


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