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Open Office vs Closed Office – Office Furniture to Compliment Your Business

As important as the right type of office furniture, the layout of your office can influence the behaviour, productivity and morale of your staff. Many companies opt for the open plan option in hopes of cultivating a work environment that allows for open communication and an easier flow of work between departments. Sometimes the physical structure of a building is what determines the type of office layout a business will go with; we discuss the types of office furniture in both open plan and closed plan offices that will promote employee wellness and boos productivity.

Open Plan Office Furniture

An open plan office setup is typically categorised by the lack of walls, and in the presence thereof, the walls may be meagre partitions or glass enclosures. In a modern office layout, the theme is more often than not that of the sleek design of steel, chrome finishing neutral-coloured veneer finished furnishings.

Below are some examples of furniture you can use to maximise spatial usage in an open plan office:

Open Plan Office Furniture – Boardroom

The Evo Boardroom table is a prime example of maximising space with an aesthetic which promotes the illusion of far more open space than what is there. This table setup is truly accommodating, available in four variable sizes – the largest of which coming in at 270cm x 151cm x 72.2cm.

Open Plan Office Furniture – Reception

The reception area is a glimpse into the culture of a company and very likely the first and longest lasting impression of a company one may have. For this reason, the aesthetic of the reception table and other furnishings needs to be entirely aligned with the desired image of the company; a wells-structured, modern and spacious reception desk will lend a hand in great part to this objective, especially one such as the WZW1 Reception Desk.

Open Plan Office Furniture – Cluster Desks

Cluster desks are the cornerstone to any open plan office space; it is the best way to optimise the available space, allow for comfortable seating of the employees as well as provide a pleasing aesthetic to both employees and visitors alike. The amount of various cluster desks available is expansive; the modular workstation is at the forefront of design- it can be structured to fit into even the oddest of spaces without a typical structure. Have a look at the available cluster workstations by clicking here.

Open Plan Office Furniture – Ergonomic Seating

The key to employee wellness (well, other than a coffee machine) is an ergonomic chair; it allows for extended hours of sitting without compromising any structures of the body, promotes great posture and also lends an air of quality to the whole office setup. Having a visitor seated in an ergonomic chair is also a nice subtle touch; it allows them to feel comfortable during their visit and well cared-for – a point towards your effort in bringing your company culture across to visitors. If you’re not that into ergonomic chairs, the alternate options are endless. View our range of office chairs by clicking here.


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