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Online Office Furniture Suppliers South Africa

Online Office Furniture Suppliers South Africa

E-commerce has blown up globally over the last few years; you can buy clothes, groceries, jewellery – even cars online! Why should your office furniture be any different?

Business owners who have a clear idea of what they want probably don’t have the time on their hands to shop around in-store; yes, most retailers have a website which you can browse, but you are still requires to visit the shop to purchase the item. Wouldn’t it be great if you could browse the internet at your leisure, find the item you want, click a button and have consultant call you back to discuss your choice. They will guide you through their alternate ranges, determine your needs and help you fill in the blanks you may unknowingly be missing.

That’s exactly what Ixaxa does; we pride ourselves on our range, our affordability and our ability to provide customers with sound advice and the product they want in the quickest possible time.


Online vs In-Store Furniture Suppliers

There are definite benefits of being able to tangibly determine the quality and feel of a piece of furniture, but the convenience of buying online may sometime outweigh that benefit.

What about having the best of both worlds? An online platform through which you can explore the store’s entire range, compare price, be provided with advice and customisation options? What if that same supplier offered a showroom? Two birds with one stone, if you ask me!

You can do all your ground work from the comfort of your computer, and then once you have narrowed down our selection – you can visit the showroom to make sure you are making the right decision.

In-store furniture purchases can be lengthy; you need to see their entire range, ask questions regarding the materials used, sizes of each item – and only then can you start mulling overt your options. This will likely require another trip back to the store (if you are happy with their offering0 to then select the right furniture, and only then have it delivered.

Another huge benefit of online furniture stores is the ability to avoid sales people – trying to push their most expensive range onto you. You skip queues, you skip waiting and you skip the frustration of trying to find the best solution in a short space of time. The internet doesn’t have office hours – meaning no need to rush out to stores to choose your pieces between 9- 5. This allow you to make the most informed decision, based solely off of factual merit. You’ll likely also pay a lower price than the in-store option.

If you’re fed up with visiting stores, being pushed to buy items without getting the right advice – and you need a reputable brand to take care of your office furniture needs – head on over here to check out Ixaxa’s extensive range of all types of office furniture.

Alternatively, click here to have a professional office furniture consultant call you back to discuss your needs.

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