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Office Storage Systems – Types of Office Storage Spaces You Need

Office Storage Systems – Types of Office Storage Spaces You Need

Paperwork, financial documents, contracts, vendor details – the amount of paperwork and average company handles within one year could surprise you. Given as well that the law stipulates very specific guidelines around the amount of time a company needs to keep hard copies in safe keeping, every office manager knows that one of the biggest headaches is finding a filing system that is easy to o implement, maintain and understand.

What better way to start the process than with a specific storage cabinet?

Types of Office Filing Cabinets

The bulk filer is an exceptional well suited type of storage system that is used typically by medical centres and in industrial settings. This type of cabinet requires installation, but the beauty of it is that it can be added onto – to enlarge the amount of storage space at hand. It is made of heavy duty materials that are designed to withstand the demands of hoards of paperwork, and heavy daily usage.

A filing cabinet with roller doors is a great idea for mid-level sensitivity documents. The cabinet has a roller door (thus minimising space required for a swinging door’s functionality) and is able to keep your confidential documents safely under lock and key.


The mega filer is great for those looking for a unique hybrid of modern layout with bulk storage.  It features the affordable melamine finish, a rigid inner steel frame as well as a central locking mechanism. If kids will be nearby, note that this does not feature an anti-tilt mechanism!


The smart modular cabinet is compact and gets the job done. It has a neat finish, will fit comfortably into any office and is capable of storing vast amounts of paperwork.


The office credenza should be something at least every workstation cluster is offered, if not every employee who handles paperwork and filing. It is lockable, compact and can be used in various office applications.


If office filing cabinets are too large for your current needs, you could always explore the options of having pedestals fitted per employee. This allows sufficient storage space for their personal items throughout the day, as well as confidential paperwork. If you deem it necessary to upgrade, you staff will always have a storage pedestal of their own – so it’s a win-win situation. You can view our exclusive range by clicking here.


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