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Office Safety 2019 – 7 Best Office Furniture Safety Tips

Office Safety 2019 – 7 Best Office Furniture Safety Tips

“Have you considered how your choice of office furniture can impact your long-term health? All of you dedicated office workers spending eight to twelve hours each day in front of a computer deserve the office furniture that will support both your efforts and your well-being. If you have not thought about how your workstation furniture and habits affect your health, now is the time.

There’s More To Office Furniture Than Good Looks

Here are 7 office safety and well-being tips to get you started.

1.   It’s All About Support

You do not have to buy the most expensive office furniture that is on offer in order to get a good fit. Important things to look out for when choosing desks and chairs include:

The backrest of your chair should support your back. You should be able to sit all the way back in the chair with your feet flat on the floor. This position helps prevent low back pain from sitting.

Your desk and keyboard should be at the height of your waist. That way your arms are level while keyboarding, this way alleviating any undue strain. Remember, if you’re on that computer all day long, you want to be as comfortable as possible!

2.   Protect Yourself From Injury

The idea is to protect the tendons in your wrists and hands at all costs. Here are two simple ways to do just that:

  • Place the keyboard close to the edge of the desk so you are not leaning forward across the desk to reach it.
  • Do not rest your wrists on the edge of the desk. Use a gel wrist rest in front of the keyboard to rest your wrists.

3.   See Clearly

Do you tend to get a headache at work? Have you considered that it may be the fault of your computer screen – more specifically the position thereof?  Here’s a handy checklist on how to prevent eye strain and reduce those headaches:

  • Keep your screen at arm’s length and eye level. Adjust it so the top of screen is eye level when you are sitting straight. You can also adjust the screen to your sitting height.
  • Angle the screen to prevent glare and reflection. Adjust the brightness according to room lighting.
  • An obvious and simple, but often forgotten tip in our rushed lives: a clean screen is easier to see.

4.   Unplug

Today’s life is busy, with new things happening all the time. But, with busy comes noise. You may think you are relaxed as you work but stop for a moment and listen.  You may not be surrounded by hooting taxi’s but even the constant humming of machines can cause stress without you even knowing it.

If it hums, move it from the room. If you cannot do that, ask your maintenance guy if there is a way to silence it or lessen the sound. If that does not work, and you can get away with turning it off, unplug it. As a last resort, consider earplugs.

5.   Pregnancy Changes Things

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that sitting in front of a screen all day will damage the foetus. If you are concerned anyway, then limit your screen time.  There are things you can do to make yourself more comfortable.

You may find that you need a stool to prop your feet on, so they do not swell. Through the changes try to keep your back supported. Choose an office chair that is comfortable and relieves backpressure.

6.   Take A Break

You may just want to get the task done and dusted, or you may find yourself in the zone, but do remember to give your joints, muscles and eyes a break.  If you have to set an alarm to take a ten-minute break every hour, do it. Stand up and walk around. Do some stretches. Stretch those muscles that are contracted from constantly sitting.

7.   Home Work

If you work at home, the same rules to keep your body safe. Your workstation at home should be fitted with office furniture that will keep you safe. If you use a laptop at home, a portable platform that adjusts in height and angle will help keep your body from aching.

Buying office furniture isn’t just about whether it will fit in with your décor or fit into the size of the office. It’s important to take into consideration the health and wellbeing of the people who will be using that equipment all day every day.”

Your overall health matters!

Looking for office furniture that can help in keeping you and your employees healthy? Contact us today for professional advice!

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