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Office Planning and Design – Rejuvenate Your Office Space without the Hassle

Office Planning and Design – Rejuvenate Your Office Space without the Hassle

“It takes a village” – this term could not be more relevant when it comes to planning and executing an office floor plan and layout. Typically, when moving into a new office space or re-decorating an older space, business owners are left with a blank canvas upon which they need to imprint many, many things. The office should be practical yet innovative, it needs to convey they unspoken culture of the business, it needs to be stylish and of course – affordable.

It’s all fair and well to embark on this journey alone if you are so inclined, but many business owners are not afforded that opportunity. They’re too busy, well, running their business!

Have you considered office planning? It’s a means of having an external professional assess, draw up plans on and execute the installation of your office furniture setup. It is based on the ideology of optimising the way your commercial space and your office furniture interact, assessed by means of  detailed furniture floor plans.

These allow you to use your office space more effectively and reduce the amount of wastage created by having your furniture placed in the inopportune locations.

Sounds like a great idea, right? Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of office planning:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Office Planning

The most obvious advantage to having an external supplier assess and execute the layout of your office is the aspect of experience and professionalism; office planners typically have years of experience and an eye for the minutest of details, in order to optimise each nook and cranny for the best use.

Office planners should consult with the business owner to align their visions of how the office layout should be structured, which office furniture items to include and which to ditch, and most importantly to accommodate the staff complement in a comfortable and work-conducive way.

Having the stress of office planning removed allows the business owner to get on with actual business processes, but affords him or her the opportunity to have a say in how the project will be executed.

The only possible disadvantage of hiring a professional to conduct your office layout planning, is the possible misalignment of visions for the office space; however, if you conduct due diligence, and ensure you are hiring a professional who is willing to take your ideas and visions to make them work, you could avoid this problem entirely.

A good idea is to engage with an office furniture supplier, who also provides an office planning service, so as to get as much mileage from one supplier as possible. They know their product range, the shortfalls and advantages of each pieces, and have the stock on hand to fully kit out your office space in the most streamlined manner.

Ixaxa Office provides an office planning service as well as a range of products to suit any budget and office space, to get a competitive quote or more information click here!

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