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Office Furniture Relocation – Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Relocation

Office Furniture Relocation – Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Relocation

Moving or relocating your office is a stressful event most of us try to push through with as little cost and as little damage as possible; considering you spent a lot of money on your office furniture itself, you’d want to protect it during the relocation period to ensure you still have pristine furnishings when they reach their new home.


Tips for Relocating Office Furniture

  1. First and foremost – ensuring you have a registered removal company handling your transit is of utmost importance. Make sure they have goods in transit insurance, so that if anything happens along the ride – you are covered.
  2. Wrap your furniture up in insulated, damage-proof packaging. This may include using blankets, bubble wrap and re-enforced boxes. Chairs with wheels – or anything with wheels for that matter – should be wrapped and secured to prevent any rolling around during the drive.
  3. Use corner protectors for your office desks. Wrapping them up will prevent scratches, but using corner protectors will prevent serious damage to the corners of your desks.
  4. Dis-assemble your furniture; cluster desks cannot be transported in their constructed form, so dis-assembling them will ensure you have sufficient space. Be sure you label each part, so that re-assembly when you’ve reached your new office space is as easy as can be.
  5. Label, label, label. Demarcate your goods into an office floor plan – with clusters marked clearly, stations for each person also clearly marked. This will make your new layout exponentially easier.
  6. Ensure the truck you have hired will be able to comfortably fit larger items – such as the boardroom table and large filing cabinets.
  7. Secure doors by locking and taping them; the last thing you want is for a filing cabinets door to fly open halfway through your trip!


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