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Office Furniture Installation – Why it’s Better to Have Professionals Setup Your Workspace

Office Furniture Installation – Why it’s Better to Have Professionals Setup Your Workspace

If you’ve ever heard of Ikea, you’ve likely heard how virtually impossible it is to assemble their furniture. All is well and looks fine until it comes time to put together all the pieces – shy of having a master’s degree in carpentry or furniture assembly you’d probably also find yourself on the short end of the stick or at least struggling to make it happen.

Installing Office Furniture – Common Mistakes Made When Fitting an Office

  • Underestimating the Complexity of the Process

Initially, the thought of moving one object from here to there may seem stress-free, but the real picture is the exact opposite. Installing furniture in the wrong order can lead to a major standstill in the procedure and interrupt the entire move.  All furniture pieces are required to be cautiously and skilfully moved and installed by using both power and hand tools.

  • Not Measuring the Safety Hazards

Every year, many personnel get injured due to the careless installation of office furniture. During the furniture installation, or even weeks or months later, workstations may collapse, cubicles may fall over, and other chaotic incidents may take place. Thus, it is vital to measure the safety hazards before the office furniture move takes place.

  • Not Hiring Professional Office Furniture Installers

Not leveraging the expertise of professionals for installing office furniture is regarded as the mother of all office furniture moving mistakes. For well organised, on time and on budget furniture moving and installation, you must use installation experts’ knowledge and skill. Taking the lead and doing the task without professional assistance can lead to damaged or destroyed furniture, further leading to unnecessary expense.

“Learn from other people’s mistakes. Life is too short to make them all yourself.” Just consider the major factors discussed above, and hopefully, your office furniture move will be hassle-free and happy. Remember, constant communication and coordination with your staff members and hired office moving and installation firm is the key to achieving a successful office move.

Professional Office Furniture Installation Benefits

No risk of a lawsuit for employees injured while moving/ assembling furniture.

Professional office furniture technicians have the tools and the expertise to get the job done right – and in half the time a team of non-professionals would.

Professional office furniture technicians complete all loading, unloading and installing.

No continuous moving of furniture. Furnishings will be arranged in the right place the first time around.

Correct assembly of office furniture – no missing screws, protruding pieces or misaligned corners.

Great reduction in chances for damage – your furniture is brand new upon arrival, so any extension in its lifespan should be made a priority when installing.

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