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Why is Office furniture So Expensive?

Why is Office furniture So Expensive?

Have you been the person responsible for furnishing your office, or even assisted in decking out the halls at some stage? Chances are you got quite a surprise when you calculated how much is typically costs to furnish an office space, and sighed in relief when you could swipe the items as a company expense. But the age-old question remains- why is such an everyday necessity so darn expensive?

Expensive Office Furniture – It’s an Investment

You must be willing to put in what you want to get out. Long-term furniture that is stable, comfortable and functional can seem like it costs a little more then you’re willing to spend – but in the long term, it is worth it. If for example you spend R 5 000.00 on a chair and it somehow only lasts one year, you have to then spend time, effort and travelling money on finding a replacement every year. That’s more R50 000.00 on seating in just 10 years- which does not even include the cost of your medical bills when you start having troubles in your lower back and spinal area for sitting long hours on a chair without the proper back and lumbar support.

Quality does not always equate to cost; the most expensive pieces aren’t the best buys of the industry. It is important to look for value in what you’re buying, and never forget what you’re looking for, whether it is style or function. Remember the image you are trying to buy for, the business that you are reflecting.

Office furniture varies with the craftsmanship, materials used and the functionality of each piece. The importance of what matters varies with different types of furniture and what you will be using it for, but here are some general factors that can change pricing:

  • Office Desks
  • Sturdy, strong frame to make sure the desk won’t begin to sag from the weight of you and your computer, etc., over it
  • Scratch-resistant in order to avoid tools or movements damaging the table (especially if rough work such as crafting will be done on the desk)
  • Materials may be imported or locally made
  • Custom made to your design and with specific colours or materials
  • Office Chairs
  • Ergonomic functions to allow adjustments to suit each individual taste
  • Back tilt
  • Lumbar support and adjustment
  • Seat tilt
  • Adjustable arms
  • SABS approved chairs are officially tested for correct support and long hour seating
  • Mesh material is an increasingly popular material for seating as it is hard to damage and allows you to “breath” through the seating
  • Fine leather or PU Leather changes the game because although PU leather is the more common and popular one, fine leather is much more expensive
  • Environmentally friendly materials


Factors that will influence pricing include things such as labour, materials used, import taxes, supplier mark-up, brand price-sets, and features of the items (such as ergonomics, expandability and customisation.)

When searching for the right office furniture, it’s always advisable to seek advice from a professional; someone who has industry insight into the items and brands you’re interested in, and finding out if there is a better, higher quality or more affordable option available to you.

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