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Office Furniture Direct From Importer – What Are The Benefits?

Office Furniture Direct From Importer – What Are The Benefits?

“The refurbishment of an office space can be a lengthy and stressful process if the correct amount of planning is not put into the project from the beginning. It is all too easy to business owners to overlook many important factors and rush in head first purchasing any old office furniture and cramming it into the office with little care. While this will undoubtedly save you much time it is by no means any more efficient as it will cause you much grief in the long run.

Are you better off procuring your office furniture overseas or locally?

For a start, if you are purchasing the cheapest and easiest furniture that you can find you are putting yourself in a position where you will have to go through the entire process again once the furniture starts to fall apart and becomes unsafe to use. By putting in the extra time and researching the various office furniture suppliers, you’ll be able to assess which one’s offer the finest quality for the lowest possible unit prices.

Many business owners turn to importing their office furniture from overseas companies as it can tend to be cheaper when purchasing in bulk. This isn’t always the best option however as there can indeed be a number of drawbacks by doing so.

First of all, if you are on a schedule and would like to get your office kitted out and ready to roll in a certain period of time, by purchasing your furniture overseas it can often take up to 12 weeks for delivery; as opposed to 4-5 weeks (often less) from a domestic supplier. It depends on what turn-around times you are working to of course. If you’re in no particular rush though and you’re working to a particular budget restraint then perhaps selecting an overseas supplier will be the best choice for you.

Having said that, if you are looking for something rather specific, local and national suppliers will be much easier to obtain customised office workstations from. In general, overseas furniture suppliers specialise in ‘cookie-cut’ designs that are much easier to mass produce. On top of that, you will be taking an incredibly bold risk by seeking a supplier overseas because if anything is to happen there will be little that you can do to rectify the situation. For example if the contract is breached or for some reason the shipment arrives late or not at all; you’re going to have a lengthy, expensive and stressful battle on your hands.

Ultimately the decision rests on your shoulders and you need to decide what you believe to be the best course of action for your business. I personally lean toward supporting local businesses and developing relationships with those that are close to home. This can often lead to great rates and finer quality. Express your interest in wanting to secure a great deal with a local business and you may strike up a mutually beneficial friendship.”


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