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Office Furniture Accessories – Put the Final touch on Your Optimally Styled Office

Office Furniture Accessories – Put the Final touch on Your Optimally Styled Office

Whew! Well done on getting your office space so beautifully pulled together! You’ve got the right colour scheme, the right styling, the right chairs / tables/ filing cabinets. It all looks magical – but seriously now, what’s missing?

It’s something important – you can see that – but you can’t pinpoint the exact missing item…

What about your desk accessories? Some notice boards? Desk partitions?


Office Desk Accessories

It’s likely you’ve spent a pretty penny on decking out your office with some exquisite furniture; you’ve likely had it painted, decorated and finished off beautifully. The last thing you want is a run-of-the-mill table setup for your staff. I mean, so much effort has gone into getting your office to this point- that skipping over the minor details is simply not a question now.

Imagine a leather utility box, or a spiral stacked inbox/ outbox tray? Not only are these pieces functional they save space and fit in beautifully with a modern design.

What about planters? Living plants may be a schlep to look after, especially if there are no staff on site during the weekend for the plants to be tended to, so artificial plants allow you to have the peaceful nature of plants in the office, brought through in the ambiance – without any of the fuss of keeping them alive.

The executive might want to opt for a chrome-brushed finish on his or her accessories, and match it to their personal décor.

What about partitions for your staff? Sitting in a cluster can have its advantages and disadvantages – and one of the biggest complaints managers receive in terms of cluster seating is usually a perceived lack of privacy. The quickest and cheapest way to resolve this issue is to install partitions between the desks.
Desk partitions are available in a far wider range than you can imagine.

We have the classic 4-way cluster partitioning, simply mounted to the top of the desks to provide some privacy between colleagues. Then there are full-length partitions, designed or maximum privacy, which supervisors or managers may want to opt for – considering the sensitive nature of their work.

There are also detachable partitions, form which the material may be removed to allow for washing or removal or the “privacy” factor – especially  useful when collaboration is needed between a team, but privacy is required later that day.

The whiteboard screen is also a new innovation which serves a dual purpose – all the better! Your staff have their privacy, and a space to jot down a to-do list, idea’s or even a calendar to help keep track of what needs to be done, and when.


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