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Office Cubicles – A 2021 Review

We all have good memories of watching 80’s and 90’s movies and seeing office workers crammed into small office spaces, especially if the plot revolved around the lead character making big changes in their life. We’ve even seen this trickle through into the music industry, in the form of music videos like Avicii’s “I Could Be The One”. It’s safe to assume that office cubicles get a bad rap, but is it true that the modern office cubicle is an outdated concept? Let’s review its relevance in 2021, and touch on some of the benefits cubicles bring to the work environment. 

Why Are Office Cubicles Still a “Thing”?

You may be wondering why office cubicles still have any relevance in the modern working world, but the fact of the matter is, they do. Open plan offices are far more popular now than they were a few decades ago, largely because economic changes have forced businesses to do more with less space. Office cubicles, albeit not as typically cramped in all environments as we can stereotypically assume, are designed in a way to maximise the office space as a whole, to divide departments, and to bring about the most efficient working conditions possible (including efficient communication with people being right next to each other), depending on the kind of work being done. 

Online Communication and How it Helps The Cubicle Environment

Perhaps we should clarify the idea of “efficient” communication in the modern world. We live in a society where people are often more glued to their cellphone screens than to the person sitting right next to them at the dinner table. Office spaces have had to adapt, and cubicles and open plan environments are a preferred way to go for many businesses as executives fear that isolation and private spaces across the board will adversely affect communication within departments. It’s true that apps like Skype and Zoom make communication easier in a sense, but the last thing you want is an employee sitting next to someone and sending chat messages in place of having important conversations. 

Office Cubicles in a Post-Coronavirus World

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in the way we work, and many people are being forced to work from home, with smaller businesses even opting to get out of their leases in favour of cutting costs and saving jobs, welcoming a new way of doing business with open arms. As the pandemic levels out, work from home may continue to be the norm, but employees returning to offices will certainly be faced with a changed environment. From adapting to health and safety regulations, to management bringing in safety screens between cubicles and workspaces, the way we work will never be the same again. Bizarrely, office cubicles may well be one of the few workplace items standing the test of time and surviving the transition to a new way of working altogether. 

Getting Advice on Designing a Safe, Modern Cubicle Environment

It’s clear that office cubicles are still relevant in 2021, and whether you’re making changes to your existing space in line with COVID-19 regulations, or just looking to redesign the current space you’re in, Ixaxa Office Furniture is a good place to start. They’ve got everything you need to introduce a healthy way of working, with furniture options to build dependable and durable cubicles that will stand the test of time. Perhaps we can even bank on still seeing cubicles in popular movies in the far future, albeit with less of the frantic associations typically found in pop culture today.  

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