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Office Cluster Workstation Cost: Worth It or Not?

Office Cluster Workstation Cost: Worth It or Not?

Office cluster workstations have become the norm to see when you visit almost any company, whether it’s an IT firm, a banking environment, call centre or maybe even in a consultancy workspace.

They fit more employees, encourage social interaction and eliminate the need for each employee to be allocated to an isolated desk.

Cluster workstations come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common type we see is the 4-seater workstation cluster option. The layout is typically rectangular in shape, which makes it far easier to expand when the need arises. For that particular reason, too, they can be a great long term investment that will never not be needed.


Price of 4 Way Office Cluster Furniture

Office Cluster Workstation Cost
Ixaxa Office Furniture Workstation Deal

As with anything, the price of 4 Way Office Furniture Clusters correlates with the build quality of the specific piece. If you’re looking for a cheap solution to a costly problem (think of all the extra floor space you’ll essentially be saving on), a quick Google search reveals that the entry-level pricing for a basic 4 way setup starts as low as R 4 000.00. The setback? This is for a single desk, one part of a four-piece component.

Ixaxa Office furniture offers a full 4 way office cluster setup for R 12 999.00 – which is an immediate saving of R 3000.00 for the full 4 way setup. The cluster offers a set of 4 drawers for each desk, as well as the dividers between each of the desks. This is ideal for a call centre environment, suitable for the most prestigious office space or even am informal setting that simply requires a space saving solution for a space-tight area.

The offering from Ixaxa is available for R 12 999.00 (including VAT) and comes in two main colour options to suit your office’s aesthetic; Elm and White or Ebony and Grey.


4 Way Office Desk Cluster Specifications

This desk layout is as friendly to the pocket as it is to the budget; at 2.8m in width, 1.2m in depth and 1.05m in height, you’ll comfortably fit a team of 4 into this workspace.

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