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Office Chairs for Shorter Staff

Office Chairs for Shorter Staff

There are many people out there who are both above and below typical height averages, yet, as with many things in life, most commercialized products are designed for the “average” person. When you are short, however, choosing an office chair designed for an average-sized person could be detrimental to your health. So, what do you need to consider when buying office chairs for short people?

What To Look for When buying Chairs for Short Office Staff

  • Height adjustability

A great office chair should have height adjustment capabilities, which really works for people of all shapes and sizes, but especially benefits someone with a smaller frame. Being able to adjust the height of your chair is the first line of defence against developing chronic pain while seated at your desk.

  • A forward-tilt funtion

The ideal office chairs for short adults should have the ability for the seat tilt forward, so that you are not sitting on the edge of the chair or “perching.” To get the right ergonomic benefit, it’s necessary to position yourself in a chair so that the hips are aligned with the knees, without putting pressure on the lower back.

  • Independent seat depth adjustment

Your seat should allow for about two fingers to fit comfortably between the backs of your knees and the front of the seat. Not all chairs are created equally, so having the ability to adjust the seat depth can have a big impact on your comfort level, especially when you are short. Read more about the benefits of seat-depth adjustment here.

  • Independent back angle capability

Having the ability to adjust the backrest angle while seated and then lock it into the proper position based on your height allows you to customize your lumbar support to your own individual specifications. The lumbar spine curves inwards, so sitting for long periods of time without supporting it can cause you to slouch. This causes strain in the lower back.

What Height Does Someone Have To Be To Purchase A “Petite” Office Chair?

There is no set height that you have to be, however, it’s important to keep in mind your chair should fit you comfortably. This includes the seat height and the distance between where your knees bend and where the end of the chair is. It’s best to have a little bit of space between the end of the chair seat and where your knees bend. Your feet should be able to touch the floor.

Biggest Mistake When buying Office Chairs – “One Size Fits All”

Not considering the user’s height is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes we make when buying office chairs.

Aside from knowing who will use the chair, it is also important to know how tall or short the user is. A tall employee will have a hard time sitting on a fixed chair with short legs while a short employee won’t be comfortable in a big and high stool. It is nice to go for chairs that are adjustable in height so you won’t have to worry about the height of the user. They are versatile, and have pneumatic seat height adjustment that helps raise or lower your chair into its most comfortable position. The best office chairs usually have a height adjustable angled arms with soft cushion pads and one touch pneumatic seat height adjustment to ensure the user maximum comfort however tall he may be.


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