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Office Chair Materials - Leather vs Mesh vs Fabric Ixaxa Office Furniture

Office Chair Materials – Leather vs Mesh vs Fabric

Office Chair Materials – Leather vs Mesh vs Fabric

Most of us can tell the difference between satin and silk with a meagre glance; the quality of silk is tangible, and we can see from the silk just how poorly satin shows up against it. Unfortunately, when it comes to materials used in office furniture, it is not always so easy to tell. Even if the material itself is of absolutely superior quality, how do we know it’s going to see itself through the test of time?

We’ve taken the three most common materials used for office chairs and compared each of them, highlighting possible advantages and disadvantages of each, so you next trip to find the best office chairs money can buy will be exponentially easier!

Leather Office Chairs

“Traditional leather office chairs are often embellished with details such as buttons and fancy stitch-work. Leather has long been associated with an image of prestige when it comes to office furniture –  with the likes of executives, CEO’s and the likes choosing nothing other than this specific material.

Unlike fabric and mesh coverings, your skin is unlikely to be aggravated by a leather chair and leather is rather easy to clean – just be careful not to spill anything on the stitched seams.

Despite all of its benefits, leather is one of the most expensive office chair coverings available and requires a certain level of care to prevent it from drying out and cracking.”

If a prestigious image is of high concern to you, and you don’t mind requesting a little more input into the maintenance of the chair, leather is a quality material you’re likely not to forget very soon.

Mesh Office Chairs

“Mesh is similar to fabric in that it is often soft, rarely sticky, and very difficult to clean. Especially when it is stretched over a cushion, it can be difficult to clean inside of each and every nook and cranny. Mesh can be either high quality or low quality; the quality of mesh will determine how well it maintains its form.

Mesh is a breathable material, which means that it allows air to pass through it, although it will do very little to actually keep you cool if it is placed on top of a cushion – the cushion will act as insulation. When mesh is stretched around a plastic or metal frame and itself makes up the back and/or seat of your chair, you will find that its breathable quality keeps you comfortable in warm temperatures and reduces sweating.

Mesh can often be irritating to your skin. It is made up of plastic-like fibers which can poke at your skin. You may want to read consumer reviews about a particular chair’s mesh or try it out in person before purchasing. Another major concern about mesh is that it is often sprayed with chemicals to make it fire retardant. If you are concerned about how these chemicals may affect your skin or your health, take some time to contact the chair’s manufacturer.”

In short, a mesh chair is a great solution if you are concerned over the breathability and levels of comfort in terms of heat retention. If skin irritation is of concern to you, mesh might be a bit of an irritant to sensitive skin – something to consider before buying.

Fabric Office Chairs

“By far the most common type of material used to cover chairs, fabric is a cost-effective material that is very hard-wearing. It can withstand a lot of movement and bearing of weight. Be careful with this material, however, as it stains very easily and is sometime impossible to clean.

This material allows for a certain level of breathability, but is restricted by the cushioning beneath the material. While care is typically taken in using “healthier” materials in the fabric’s composition, it may contain elements that will agitate sensitive skin.”

If you’re looking for a solution that is cost effective and heard-wearing and don’t mind the slight loss of aesthetic appeal one might gain from a superior material, fabric chairs might be the solution for you!


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