Why Does My Office Chair Keep Sinking?

Why Does My Office Chair Keep Sinking?

Have you been wondering lately, “why does my office chair keep sinking?” every time you sit down on it? What is going on and why is it doing that?

It’s not just you. This can happen to your chair after a few years of frequent use. The valve that your seat height lever controls is controlled by a piston that lets air in and out. When your chair keeps sinking, this means that valve, also known as a chair cylinder, is no longer working.

In order to fix it, you will either have to replace the piston or get a new chair. However, replacing the office chair’s piston can be challenging, and sometimes, not possible.

Sinking Office Chair: Repair or Replace?

You have three options: replace the pneumatic cylinder, buy a new office chair or carry out emergency DIY repairs.

If you have an expensive, high-end office chair, it may be worth buying just a new cylinder.

For a standard office chair or one that’s already seen a lot of wear and tear, the cost of replacing just the cylinder usually isn’t justified. That’s because a cylinder is expensive – it’s in a similar price range to buying a brand new high-back, mid-back or operator’s chair. Remember to check whether your office chair is still within its warranty period – either by the manufacturer or supplier. If it is, this component ought to be part of the warranty and they should be able to repair it for you.

If you’re not ready to buy a new office chair or simply need your existing chair to tide you over until the next one arrives, DIY is the way to go.

Reasons for a Sinking Office Chair

  • The gas strut is defective

Quite simply the strut is worn out. Due to wear it’s no longer able to hold its pressure when weight is applied. When this happens the best course of action is to replace it. Although it may be possible to apply a fix as we’ll see shortly. On to cause two.

  • The adjuster isn’t engaging properly

Frequently the cause of the problem is due to the adjustment lever not operating as it should. Levers can become jammed or misaligned and apply continual pressure to the button resulting in that sinking feeling.

How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

As previously mentioned a defective strut is best replaced. However, a new product called the chair saver offers a low cost solution this article explains how it works.

Where the lever is the culprit, there’s a good chance you can sort it out. Take a look under the chair and see if the lever appears to have become dislodged or jammed and try and push it back into place. It may be slightly distorted and just need bending to make it engage the cylinder button properly.

Where you’re in an office with the same model of chair in use, take a look at them side by side. Compare the 2 chairs for any differences it may well help sort out what is wrong.

Ultimately, if the chair is a number of years old, it may well be time to bite the bullet and buy a new one.

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