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New vs Used Office Furniture – Pros and Cons of Each

New vs Used Office Furniture – Pros and Cons of Each

Business owners are always looking for ways to save money. Whether you’re an office manager, company controller, or a business owner, you know that buying new office furniture can be extremely expensive. That’s why more and more people are turning to used office furniture to save money while furnishing their offices.

If money is no object, feel free to buy as much new office furniture as you need. But if you’re working within a strict budget, used office furniture may be the way to go. If you shop carefully, it’s possible to purchase used office furniture that will not only look good, but will also be accepted by employees and customers alike.

Pros and Cons of New Office Furniture


Buying brand new office furniture (as opposed to used) allows you to choose from a wide selection of furniture colors and styles that perfectly fit your dream office design. More modern colors and finishes will ensure that your office feels fresh and contemporary.

Built-in cabling and charging station options will allow more flexibility for configuration as well as allow for more effective organizational space.

If you are buying new office furniture, you may also qualify for a volume discount if you are purchasing 6 or more of the same item.

New furniture may also be tax-deductible with other office expenses in the first year or depreciated.

Most importantly, buying new office furniture ensures that your carefully selected investment is covered by manufacturer warranty.



The biggest disadvantage to buying new office furniture is that it can be exorbitantly, beyond-the-means-of-your-budget expensive, especially if you are buying multiple workstations or investing in setting up a new office.

Pros and Cons of Used Office Furniture


The most obvious advantage to buying used furniture is the cost savings. From open box to gently-used furniture, you can find great deals.

Buying used furniture also may enable you to purchase higher quality, longer lasting furniture than your budget would otherwise allow.

Outfitting your office with used furniture and workstations is good for more than your budget – it also helps the environment and it can even give you LEED points in the categories of waste management, materials and resource reuse, and recycled content. Quality office furniture that was built to last can still offer long lasting quality, comfort and productivity to your office.



Buying used office furniture will limit your select of colors, styles and configuration options. If you are looking to buy a large volume of office furniture, it may be difficult to find identical, used, quality workstations that fit your needs. However, it should be noted that chairs and couches are easy to reupholster, desks can be sanded and refinished and filing cabinets can be repainted if you are willing to put in a little more time and effort to finding those diamonds in the rough as part of your furniture selection process. The biggest disadvantage is that there are often no returns and no warranty for used office furniture.


We do not sell second hand furniture at Ixaxa, but for great quotes and expert advice on high-quality office furnishings, simply click here to get in touch with us today!


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