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How Much Does an Ergonomic Chair Cost Per Day Over 5 Years?

How Much Does an Ergonomic Chair Cost Per Day Over 5 Years?

It can be (and typically is) overwhelming to buy any piece of office furniture or equipment, especially when it seems to be a large upfront cost that is applicable. This rings true especially when it comes to investment pieces such as an ergonomic office chair, with upfront costs spanning rom R 3 500.00 all the way to R 10 000.00 for exclusive, high-end ergonomic office chairs.

There’s a far more logical way to look at this type of cost, and that is to calculate it the same way you might on a coffee machine, for example, on how much each cup of coffee would cost.

Price Per Day – Ergonomic Office Chair

The easiest way to determine how much an office chair costs to use per day is as follows:

  • Year of 365 days, of which 250 are typically working days (in South Africa)
  • Multiply 250 days x 5 to reflect 5 years = 1 250 days
  • Total cost of chair divided by 1 250 days


When we work out the cost per day in this way, it helps us break down and incorporate the cost of furniture into daily overheads. Also, it seems a far more achievable task when it’s considered in this amount.

Cheapest Ergonomic Office Chairs Cost Per Day

Apollo Ergonomic Chair from R3 499.00 (including VAT)

  • Cost per day: R2.79
  • Check out this chair here: https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=apollo-chair

 Lumbar Pro Chair from R 5 499.00

    • Cost per day: R4.39
    • Check out this chair here: https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=lumbar-pro-chair

WAU Ergonomic Office Chair from R 5 999.00

    • Cost per day: R4.79
    • Check out this chair here: https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=wau-chair

Falcon Ergonomic Chair form R6 600.00

  • Cost per day: R5.28
  • Check out this chair here: https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=falcon-chair  


High-End Ergonomic Office Chair Cost Per Day

We can see from the calculations above that the cost per day for an ergonomic office chair – considering the benefits it provides for daily users – is far less intimidating than trying to budget for an upfront lump sum.

That being said, even the most high-end office chairs are within your reach when we work out the cost per day of ergonomic office chairs:

  • Herman Miller Aeron Office Cahir – from R 8 999.00

Cost per day: R7.19

  • GetOne High Back Ergonomic Office Chair – from R4 500.00

Cost per day: R3.60

  • SteelCase Leap Fabric Chair – approximately R6 200.00

Cost per day: R4.96


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