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Mesh Office Chair – Pros And Cons of the Modern Material for the Masses

Mesh Office Chair – Pros And Cons of the Modern Material for the Masses

A mesh desk chair can provide a viable alternative to expensive leather desk chairs for budget conscious consumers. Mesh chairs boast some really great advantages, but do have some disadvantages as well.

Advantages of Mesh Chairs

The most attractive advantage of a mesh desk chair is its price when compared to that of a leather or fabric desk chair. These chairs offer considerable savings as opposed to other types of desk chairs.

Another great advantage of mesh desk chair is the ventilation they can provide over other types of chairs. Fabric and leather chairs have a tendency to become rather uncomfortable on warm or hot days as neither material works well in this type of weather. The design of a mesh chair allows air to flow naturally through the back of the chair.

  • Ventilation

Open structure of mesh chairs facilitates ventilation. Mesh chairs allow air to circulate naturally between the body and the chair back and seat. On the other hand, leather and fabric chairs tend to trap the heat and create sweaty hot points where the body is in contact with the chair. By allowing the free flow of air, mesh chairs help the skin to breathe.

  • Lightweight and easy maintenance

Mesh chairs have an inherently minimalistic design and construction. Hence, they are lightweight and it is much easier to lift these chairs and move them around. It is easy to clean any stains and spills from mesh chairs.

  • Availability

Mesh chairs are commonly available in furniture stores, departmental stores and office supplies. They may have both the back and the seat in mesh or only a mesh back which is combined with leather, vinyl or fabric. Ergonomic mesh office chairs are available which can reduce the strain of using the chair for long hours.

  • Price

Mesh chairs are generally cheaper as compared to leather or upholstery while still maintaining a professional look. This makes them an economic solution for office seating.

Disadvanatges of Mesh Chairs

However, there are some disadvantages to purchasing a mesh chair over other types of desk chairs. The main disadvantages of selecting a mesh desk chair is the sacrifice in comfort you will have to make. A fabric or leather desk chair offers the user much more comfort since they can increase the amount of padding in the chair seat. A mesh chair does not offer the same kind of plush seating as the other two types of chairs.

  • Comfort

Though mesh is both flexible and supportive and can conform to body contours, it is not considered very comfortable. Part of this disadvantage is due to the association of comfort with the feeling of sinking in to a plush seat. Mesh seats cannot compete with upholstered chairs since a large number of users think that upholstery offers unmatched comfort.

  • Durability

Mesh chairs are not as durable as other designs. Soft meshes conform better to the body contours but start sagging quickly. Firm meshes on the other hand may feel too uncomfortable. Leather and fabric chairs tend to wear better. Construction and mesh type are critical to durability of the chair. Mesh back office chairs are designed to combine ventilation with comfort and durability.

To mesh or not to mesh?

Mesh chairs can be an affordable solution for seating. The quality of the product, its ergonomic design and the ability to adjust settings must be ensured prior to purchase.

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