Makro Office Chairs vs Specialised Office Chairs

Makro Office Chairs vs Specialised Office Chairs

Makro has become one of the biggest names in South African wholesale and retail – you can get literally any piece of office equipment, furniture and accessories in one shop, at a controlled price (which is usually quite fair to be honest).

But are you unknowingly compromising on quality when you opt for a retailer’s furniture over specialised furniture suppliers– which often carries a hefty price tag?

You would be hard pressed to find a better priced office chair than at a huge retailer such as Makro; this is in large part due to a few deciding factors:

The chairs may have been imported – meaning there is no SABS stamp of approval.

The chairs do not have specialised features, including ergonomic support, specialised material and padding.

The chairs may be subject to supplier defects; sadly, this is only discovered once it’s too late – when someone has possibly injured themselves because the chair gave way underneath them,

These types’ of chairs are not typically designed to support the weight of a heavier adult. A chair that is under strain for too long is eventually going to collapse – and this is never good news for a business owner, or the poor person who becomes injured because of the chairs inability to support weight.

If the supplier and manufacturer is based in a mass-producing country like China, the chances are they have churned out thousands upon thousands of the chairs, with very little attention to the quality thereof. The chairs may have inferior materials, bearing and components- meaning that while it may have been a cheaper investment, it will cost you more in the long run.

What Are The Benefits of Buying from an Office Chair Specialist?

Firstly, the biggest benefit is that you will be advised by a trained professional as to what chair will best suit your needs. They will analyse your budget, your requirements as well as your preferences and finds a chair that suits you. They take the guess work out of buying your office chair.

You will also be buying a chair that not only comes with a warranty or guarantee, but also an unspoken promise provided by the use of quality materials and components in manufacturing.
We have seen that more and more office chairs have an increased load bearing capacity – meaning even the heaviest, tallest or largest person in your office will be able to sit comfortable and securely, knowing their chair will not only support them throughout the day, but provide just as much comfort as they would have expected.

If any unexpected defects arise from the chair while still under warranty or guarantee, you will have it replaced – whereas buying from a retailer means you forfeit the chair and your mone4y (in most cases).

So, Where Should I Buy My Office Chairs?

All said and done, you can and likely will save a ton of money if you opt to purchase form a major chain store such as Makro. You can probably buy two retailer chairs for the price of one specialised chair, again coming down to a quality vs quantity factor. We do suggest you ask about any warranties or guarantees upfront, and possibly what the features of the chair will be. Doing your research may save you a lot of money and issues further down the line.

If you are prepared to invest a little bit more into your chairs upfront, we do suggest you also do your homework when choosing a specialised supplier. Ensure a great turnaround time is promised (and delivered upon), support and guarantee is in place before committing to anything.

If you’d like to find or buy an office chair, or just some get some guidance in what type of chair to choose – click here for the best office furniture



*All opinions expressed in this article are not that of the publisher. There is no intention to give bad reviews of any supplier, retailer or reseller of office chairs. While views may differ, it is our objective e to provide the reader with unbiased and transparent reviews of all office furniture. Ixaxa and the publisher hereby indemnifies themself.


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