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How to Make an Old Office Look Modern – Office Furniture Overhauls

How to Make an Old Office Look Modern – Office Furniture Overhauls

Many reports claim that a well-designed office reduces employees taking off because they are sick and encourage them to take shorter breaks increasing productivity by as much as 20%. If we put this into numbers, then 16 people can produce the same result as 20 people, thereby making up for the investment in design.

Here are some aspects of design that can make your employees more productive.

  • Invest in a great chair that supports your back

A chair that you have to keep shifting in to find a comfortable position is sure to distract your colleagues and frustrate you. When furnishing an office, it is best to pick ergonomically designed furniture. If the work at your place of business involves a lot of sitting or working with computers, this is one area which needs adequate attention. Invest in adjustable chairs which employees can tailor to their comfort. Make sure the computers you pick can be adjusted as well.

It’s also a generally good rule of thumb to stay away from non-mobile chairs, i.e. – ones that do not have wheels fitted or contain height adjustable seats and back rests. Typist chairs are an entry-level office chair, and should be avoided when prolonged seating in a typical day is in excess of about 4 hours.

The great part of buying ergonomic office chairs nowadays is that you can tailor each purchase to suit your office space; choose leather and mesh for the executives, and an ergonomic chair in hard-wearing material (in your own colour scheme, of course) for your staff.

  • Have a place for everything – and keep everything in its place

While the use of computers has done away with most of the clutter caused by old files and voluminous paperwork, it has replaced it with tangled wires, multiple phones, printers, scanners and much more. Add to these, writing pads, pens, coffee mugs and personal knick-knacks, and an office is a potentially high-entropy place.

Clutter not only makes the office feel uninviting but also adds to a feeling of fatigue and disorientation. Make sure there is a designated place for everything you need in your workplace, and each desk is neatly organized. Allocating time to ‘putting away things’ every day is the best way to keep your workspace neat and optimize productivity.

A neat credenza or podenza might offer the solution in the quickest way, as well as aesthetically well-defined filing cabinets. View our range here.

  • Choose your colour scheme wisely – and incorporate office furniture into it

Different colours have different effects on the human mind. While green and blue have a calming effect, yellow is believed to enhance productivity. When decorating your office space, pick colours which are invigorating. At the same time, do remember that a single colour palette may not be the best option. Mix and match to attain the perfect environment.

Even if you are not able to influence the entire office, you can still make sure your personal space is decorated with items in a pleasant colour. If you do opt for a “mix-and-match” colour scheme, make sure to focus the energising colours into the right spaces, and the neutral or relaxing colours into their right space. Instead of a bright-yellow colour pause room, opt for blue to invoke a calming effect during breaks, or vice versa if your staff tend to hit a 3pm slump and you want them invigorated after their breaks.

As we can see, making an older office look new is often about aesthetic, but just as importantly – about productivity. Imagine the extra work that would be done if your staff’s energy and your office design was aligned?


Overhauling an office space may be a fun and creative task for many, but if it’s not your cup of tea, why not click here to get in touch with us today? We provide office planning, selection and installations services carried out by trained professionals.




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