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Long-Term Office Furniture- What’s the Best Material for Quality Office Furnishings?

Long-Term Office Furniture- What’s the Best Material for Quality Office Furnishings?

Buying office furniture should be a well-considered decision, with the focus on materials and furnishings which are going to see you through the long-run. With so many office furnishers to choose from, sometimes we can become overwhelmed with options; the executive leather chair is great, but so is the material one – so how do we choose correctly between the two? We consider the two main office furnishing s- tables, chairs – and see which materials we should be opting for – and why.

Best Material for Office Chairs

  • Leather Office Chairs

Traditional leather has long been tied to an image of prestige when it comes to office furniture. Unlike fabric and mesh coverings, your skin is unlikely to be aggravated by a leather chair and leather is rather easy to clean – just be careful not to spill anything on the stitched seams.

Despite all of its benefits, leather is one of the most expensive office chair coverings available and requires a certain level of care to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

  • Imitation Leather Chairs

If you are worried about the cost associated with leather or are conscious about using animal products, imitation leather is a great alternative. Like leather, it is easy to clean, but you will still want to be careful not to spill anything into its stitched seams. Like real leather, imitation leather offers an air of distinction to your office space. Once upon a time, imitation leather was incredibly easy to spot. These days, companies are able to create faux leather which will fool even the most trained eye.

The major differences between imitation leather and actual leather are texture and durability. Real leather tends to be softer and more durable. You can oil real leather to keep it moist and prevent it from cracking; you cannot do the same with faux leather. You will want to find faux leather which is soft and flexible, as hard faux leathers are dry and will crack more easily.

  • Vinyl Office Chairs

Vinyl is, more or less, a thin plastic/rubber-type material used to cover cushions on some chairs. Oftentimes, this is material from which faux leather is created. Like faux leather, you will want to find vinyl which is soft and flexible since hard vinyl is more likely to crack. That being said, neither faux leather nor vinyl will last as long as real leather, and both are prone to cracking.

  • Mesh Office Chairs

Like vinyl, mesh is available in a large variety of colors, from muted and demure to bright and bold.

It is similar to fabric in that it is often soft, rarely sticky, and very difficult to clean. Especially when it is stretched over a cushion, it can be difficult to clean inside of each and every nook and cranny. Mesh can be either high quality or low quality; the quality of mesh will determine how well it maintains its form.

Mesh is a breathable material, which means that it allows air to pass through it. Do not be fooled, though, it will do very little to actually keep you cool if it is placed on top of a cushion – the cushion will act as insulation. When mesh is stretched around a plastic or metal frame and itself makes up the back and/or seat of your chair, you will find that its breathable quality keeps you comfortable in warm temperatures and reduces sweating.

Mesh can often be irritating to your skin. It is made up of plastic-like fibers which can poke at your skin. You may want to read consumer reviews about a particular chair’s mesh or try it out in person before purchasing. Another major concern about mesh is that it is often sprayed with chemicals to make it fire retardant. If you are concerned about how these chemicals may affect your skin or your health, take some time to contact the chair’s manufacturer.

  • Fabric Office Chairs

Fabric, often pulled over a firm or plush cushion, is usually chosen for its softness and color/pattern varieties. Depending upon which type you choose, fabric can be the softest and most gentle material on this list. You can choose fabrics made from many different resources, such as cotton, spandex, or hemp. Regardless of the type you choose, fabric brings you into a world of endless style possibilities. Not only is it available in any color you can imagine, it can also be printed with any design or pattern you can dream of.

Like mesh, fabric can be difficult to clean and is sometimes sprayed with chemical solutions. When it comes to cleaning, you may want to select dark colors, purchase stain remover, or commit yourself to never eating or drinking in this chair. In order to know the health implications of any fire retardant chemicals sprayed on the fabric of your chair, contact the manufacturer before purchasing.

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