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Leather Chairs vs. Material Chairs

Leather Chairs vs. Material Chairs

Let’s be honest – we spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether it’s at work, at home or out and about, we are often seated, and the chairs we are sitting in make all the difference (not just in terms of comfort but maintenance, durability, appearance, and budget too.)

Often people think that the comfort of the chair is purely based on the cushioning and structure of the chair, however, a large factor is the fabric that covers the furniture.

So let’s take a look at leather and material fabrics and what they entail;


Your budget is always important to consider as it will indicate what is in your price range, and what kind of furniture you will be looking at. 

Leather, of course, is your more expensive material and thus leather chairs are going to cost you more than your everyday material chairs. 

This is because the fabric used on the material chairs is a lot cheaper to come by and does not carry the same benefits and luxuries as a leather chair would BUT it still gets the job done.)


Comfort is very much opinion-based and each person has their own views on what they deem more comfortable. However, material chairs are generally more comfortable than leather chairs as leather is a very firm material compared to fabric. Whereas material is always a softer, cozier option in terms of comfort.

Moreover, many people are not a fan of a leather feel and would be pointed in the direction of fabric chairs when considering comfort and relaxation.


When buying furniture, often people don’t take the maintenance of the furniture into consideration (despite the fact that it plays such a large role in customer satisfaction.)

While dealing with the topic of leather vs. material, it is clear that leather requires less maintenance as it does not stain or pick up odor easily at all, whereas, the material does. The materials chairs will thus require cleaning products and regular maintenance to ensure your furniture but these products are often very cheap and affordable. 


This is a crucial component as you don’t want to spend large sums of money on something that is not going to last you as long as you wanted it to. That’s why assessing the longevity of the furniture is relevant;

Leather is a naturally thick and long-lasting material and definitely is more durable than your everyday fabric chairs, however, it can be scratched fairly easily. 

This is not a huge concern as the leather polish will get rid of the scratches and restore it to its original condition. 

On the other hand, material chairs can be ripped and damaged very easily and have exponentially lower durability than leather chairs do. These tears are not easily fixable and will most probably require reupholstering.


Furniture speaks volumes about the room it occupies as It has the ability to pull a room together and add some feeling and passion to its space.

Leather is a more luxurious material and will certainly add a sense of prestige to the room it occupies. However, material chairs can sometimes carry the same effect and can be purchased in a variety of different styles and color schemes which can often be more appealing and accommodating than a basic leather couch. 

In conclusion, when buying a piece of furniture, you are considering a lot more than just the price and appearance. There are other factors that play a huge role in the buying of your furniture and your after-sale satisfaction.

We hope you can use these factors and insights to make an educated decision while choosing which furniture suits you best. 

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