Ixaxa’s Credenza Cabinet Catalogue For 2021

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At Ixaxa, we’re always doing our best to deliver the best possible products for our clients. As the Credenza Cabinet Catalogue for 2021 shows, we’ve stepped up our game to bring office furniture seekers the best quality credenza cabinets on the market, in more than one form. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. If you’re a first-time shopper for credenza anything, we’ll first let you know exactly what it is, and how it differs from a credenza desk. If you’ve been around the block and are planning on opening up new office space or renovating, stay with us too. You might even get a better sense of what’s out there on the market, to help you before you buy. 

What is a Credenza Cabinet?

Traditionally speaking, a credenza has often been sold as a sideboard for a dining room. Over the decades, it has crept into business spaces too, acting as a useful extra table top or storage space when modern offices are often forcing tenants to do more with a little less. Depending on if it is sold as a standalone or part of a desk, a credenza can have different uses. A standalone credenza cabinet can be used for display purposes, to hold odds and ends (like keys, glasses and more) and even be a viable option for when you need extra space for the staff party. A (desk) built-in credenza cabinet has more of a storage purpose, and is somewhat less mobile, depending on the overall design. 

Credenza Cabinets vs. Credenza Desks

Credenza cabinets are often sold closely in the same catalogues as credenza desks, but it’s important to make a key distinction between the two. Both offer an immaculately designed piece of furniture, but the former is typically considered a standalone item. Credenza desks are “regular” office desks that are sold with a credenza cabinet or two built-in. The desks are usually very slender and the credenza might even be fixed in place as part of the overall design. It’s not altogether uncommon for people to mix credenza cabinets and desks, in order to create something that meets their storage needs a little bit better.

Credenza Cabinets (Ixaxa’s 2021 Catalogue)

Now that you know a little more about the credenza furniture options available, we should touch on the new products we mentioned earlier. Ixaxa’s credenza cabinet catalogue can be conveniently divided into credenza cabinets, and credenza desks. The cabinets feature two standalone products, namely the Credenza Roller Door, and the Credenza Sliding Door. Both come with a 22mm base, and are available in melamine colours. The roller door has a single sliding door that crosses over the entire cabinet. The sliding door offers two doors, split perfectly in the middle. A key distinction, aside from the way they look, is that the roller door does not come with any shelves, but the sliding door does. This makes it perfect for storing two sections of standard sized files, for instance.

Credenza Desks (Ixaxa’s 2021 Catalogue)

If you’re looking to go after the full credenza “shebang”, the range of desks in the 2021 catalogue is a good place to go looking. Ixaxa’s Elite Executive Desk comes with a staggering 2200 x 600 credenza that will make sure your space never looks untidy or disorganised. The BQ 1816 Managerial Desk is a little bit more simple (and geared towards startups or people working from home), but still packs a punch with a credenza desk in birch and grey colours. The BQ 506 Loop Leg Desk turns heads for a reason because it comes with a credenza that perfectly nestles around the u-bend. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to get what you need whether you choose one of these three or a standalone counterpart. If not, don’t be shy to reach out to us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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