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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Office Furniture?

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Office Furniture?

If you’re starting to bounce between rooms to find a suitable meeting space, or if you’re getting a little bit ashamed of the furniture at the office, it may be time to consider an upgrade to your existing furniture. Many businesses don’t factor this kind of maintenance into their budgets, but with the end of the year approaching, and new fiscal year budgets opening up, it may be time to put a bit of your savings aside to make improvements to the office furniture, in particular if any of the following signs seems to hit a little closer to home than you thought they would. Let’s explore a couple of telltale indicators that it’s time to make some changes to your office furniture. 

Times Are Changing

If you’ve been to a couple of meetings at other offices, and had a bit of a sinking feeling when you returned to your own office, it may be the case that your furniture is starting to be a little outdated and worn out. Dynamic companies, especially those that wish to retain customers from younger generations, need to be evolving with the times at all times, including updating the look and feel of their office spaces too. Is your business keeping with the times? If not, it’s time to consider a call to a furniture specialist

Complaints From Your Employees

Another sign that you may need to look at some furniture upgrades can come in the shape of a few complaints to HR, or worse, direct complaints to you as the head of the company. If you’re at that stage, it’s important to listen, and make your employees feel heard, giving them a heads up that there are plans to upgrade when it will be practical and possible to do so. Make them a part of the process, getting them to help with choosing designs and colours, so you can please the majority, and make it somewhat of a team building activity as well. 

“Tech Friendly” Furniture is Not a Term You Are Familiar With

If you’re hearing about “tech friendly” furniture or the first time in this article, it’s a sign that you should explore getting some new furniture. In 2020, tech is involved in all aspects of our working lives, and furniture, like office desks for instance, need to be equipped for tech efficiency in order to maximise productivity in the office. If people are busy crowding around a single plug to charge their phones or laptops, or if the existing desk setup doesn’t allow for flexibility and free-movement near power sources, a redesign may be on the cards. Sooner, rather than later!

Pieces of Furniture Are Scattered Across The Office

We’ve all been there: a piece of your office chair falls off casually during the course of the day, and you decide to put it towards the back of your desk, telling yourself that you’ll get to it later in the week. Skip to months later, and the piece is still there. If there are pieces like this scattered across the office, or worse, if there is a storage room that has broken pieces of furniture, it’s time to get active about making a change. Not only is a cupboard like this a sign of a disorganised office, but it also tells your staff that their comfort is not of importance to you, which can affect morale in the long run. 

Transforming the Image of the Office

If nothing, the turn of the new decade is a great time to consider transforming the image of the office. You don’t have to go so far as to updating everything, including the logo, but it may be nice for your staff to receive a surprise of fresh furniture as you tackle some of the challenges ahead in the new year. A transformation does not have to be overly expensive. By picking a select few high-use items in the office, with a view to do further updates six months from now, you’ll systematically be transforming the image of the company, while also making suring you look after the bank balance of the business in the process too. 

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