Industrial Office Furniture: Heavy Duty Furnishings

Industrial Office Furniture: Heavy Duty Furnishings

Most offices are fitted with refined, quality finishing’s that are chosen based off aesthetic, price and quality. But what about an industrial space that wants to incorporate aesthetic and design into their space as well? Most industrial office furniture is designed solely with durability in mind – and too often the design ends up being less than pleasing on the eye.

Ixaxa Office Furniture is here to change that; our range of industrial office furniture not only stands the test of time, it is designed with modern and sleek styling in mind – in combination with the need for it to be a cut above the rest in terms of withstanding just that much more wear and tear.

Industrial Office Furniture: Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets used in spaces such as warehouses, doctor’s rooms and factories need to have two distinguishing features: typically, the material used will be far harder and less flexible than ordinary cabinets. This may be cast in steel or a similar material – but wood simply won’t do the job. Secondly, the ability to add-on cabinets is a must – as the warehouse/ practice grows, the filing space needs to be able to accommodate the extra demand.

The Bulk Filer from Ixaxa is the perfect solution. We measure, fit and install the shelving in any area you need it. You have the option to start off small and add cabinet space as and when required – so no need to overspend in the beginning.


Industrial Office Furniture bulk filer
Industrial Office Furniture – Bulk Filer







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Industrial Office Furniture: Industrial Chairs

While we regularly advocate the benefits and necessity of ergonomic office chairs, industrial chairs will serve their purpose far better in a typical warehouse environment. They need to withstand being knocked over, kept in oftentimes less-than pristine conditions, and typically withstanding a higher weight capacity than regular office chair.

The regular warehouse or factory setup rarely sees the end for seating designed for prolonged use – so your best bet is to find industrial chairs for this application.

A good quality industrial chair should exhibit the following features:

  • Made of highly durable materials
  • Have a footrest to assure balance and comfort for the user
  • Be height-adjustable to suit any area it is required in
  • Be mobile; the chair will likely be moved around numerous times within a day, so having wheels fitted will be highly beneficial
  • Ideally, an industrial chair should still feature a back rest. This will allow the user some form of lumbar support while seated.
    Belfast Industrial Chair
    Belfast Industrial Chair










Draughtsman Caddy
Draughtsman Caddy











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Industrial Office Furniture: Industrial Desking

When it comes to desking solutions, industrial vs regular office setups rarely differ. A table is designed to withstand quite a bit of weight, so any type of office desk will fit in well to a warehouse or factory environment. A good idea is to opt for a bigger type of desk – warehouses and factories rarely have space constraints for furniture – so make optimal use of that freedom!

Our suggestion is to opt for a hard-wearing material such as wood or steel, one that is easily cleaned but can withstand a heavier-duty traffic and usage rate. Try stay away from fancier and more expensive wooden tables or those with a high-end finishings, as they might be damaged by the environment into which they are placed.

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