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How To Improve Lifespan Of An Office Chair

How To Improve Lifespan Of An Office Chair

If the furnishings in your facility are dulled, scratched, torn, or outdated, don’t necessarily assume you’re destined for a showroom full of new ones. With patience and elbow grease, you can restore the luster to your current furniture or create a “new to you” look by purchasing or renting pre-owned pieces.

“It’s economically smart and better for the environment to extend the life of existing furniture or consider buying pre-owned furniture that has already made its carbon footprint,” says Andy Cooper, training manager for ServiceMaster’s Furniture Medic restoration program. “Furniture doesn’t need to be as disposable as it’s often treated.”

Start with these five steps for finding and fixing quality furnishings.

  • Improve Lifespan Of An Office Chair Tip #1 – Keep Your Office Chairs Clean

Your chair needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Whether your chair is fabric, plastic, vinyl, mesh or leather, a good weekly vacuuming will help get rid of the dirt, dust and grime that can accumulate on your furniture. Just make sure to choose a vacuum attachment that won’t scratch or damage your chair, and keep the amount of suction as low as possible too, so you don’t leave any lasting marks. You can also wipe down your leather and vinyl upholstery, plastic, chair arms and bases with a clean cloth on a weekly basis.

Even with routine upkeep there are times your office chair may need a deeper clean. The method to do this will depend on your upholstery. The most important thing you can do is to clean any spills or stains as soon as you notice them.

  • Improve Lifespan Of An Office Chair Tip #2 – Don’t forget the feet (or wheels)

While you’re cleaning, you’ll definitely want to spend a little time on your casters too. Each day the wheels of your chair encounter dust, the dirt from your shoes, the hair and fuzz in the carpet, and anything else they may come in contact with (like the crumbs from your lunch?). All of that mess builds up over time or gets caught in your casters, making your chair more difficult to move. When this happens you will need to flip your chair over and get out the grime.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pull out any visible clumps of hair or dirt (if this really grosses you out you can always wear gloves!). Then you can either vacuum the casters using the appropriate attachment or blow out any dirt using compressed air. When the casters are crud free, you may want to give them a quick spray with a lubricant to make sure they’ll keep rolling as smoothly as possible.

  • Improve Lifespan Of An Office Chair Tip #3 – No more loose screws!

You will want to thoroughly go over your chair to make sure every screw and bolt is tightened, including any screws holding the arms, seat and back, as well as any in the chair’s mechanisms. To tighten the screws, simply turn them clockwise using the same tools you used during assembly (during times like these the “righty tighty, lefty loosey” saying comes in handy!). When doing this be careful not to tighten the screw too much because the last thing you want to do is strip them, making further adjustment difficult if not impossible without replacing the screw entirely.

You may want to keep your assembly instructions so you can pick up a few back up pieces for your furniture during your next trip to the hardware store. That way if you would need a new screw, bolt, or other part in the future, you’ll already have them on hand.

  • Improve Lifespan Of An Office Chair Tip #4 – Read the manufacturers guidelines

Review what the manufacturer recommends. Chances are that your office furniture came with an owner’s manual. If you can locate it, it should tell you how to go about maintaining your furniture, and if it’s under warranty and in need of repair, how to get the item repaired by an authorized group. For example, the Herman Miller website has a complete section devoted to how you should care for the various furniture materials they use.

  • Improve Lifespan Of An Office Chair Tip #5 – Setting it up or resetting it can prevent future damage

Make sure the arms are at the right height or if you have arm rests that are not movable make sure you don’t get too close to your desk – bumping into a wood desk can create unsightly damage to both the desk and the chair arms.


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