Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Chair Review

Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Chair Review

The Human Scale Freedom Chairs are designed to encourage movement and posture changes — it reclines easily while keeping your arms at the right height and your head and neck at the right viewing angle for working. Just lean front or back, and the chair automatically adjusts to fit you correctly. The chair is adjustable in several ways. Most of these movements are done by holding down a lever and then moving the chair part.

The Freedom Chair comes in 2 main configurations, either with or without a headrest. Without the headrest, it is called the Freedom Task Chair. If you don’t want a headrest and don’t plan on reclining much, then go with the mesh-back Liberty model instead (we prefer the mesh to the foam cushion design).

Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Office Chair – Features

The arms of the Freedom adjust and move together — you cannot set one higher or lower than the other. To adjust them, you grab the ends of both arm with your fingers, tilt the entire arm structure slightly upwards (which releases the catch in the back), then slide them up or down to where you want them and drop the front back into place, which will lock them into place. There are no knobs to turn, no levers to fiddle with — just tip the arms up and adjust them to where you want them.

Humanscale prides themselves on this kind of simple design — chances are you won’t need to adjust your arm height often, but it’s simple and intuitive. The arms can move up or down over a range of about 6 inches. The actual arm rests are made with a semi-soft gel material, which kind of conforms around your shape like memory foam — they aren’t squishy, but they aren’t hard either, just in between. The standard option comes with a black Duron coating (a smooth black rubber material).

You can also choose a textile cover to match the chair cushions. You can also choose advanced armrests that are 1.25″ longer than the standard armrests and offer pivoting capabilities so you can angle your arms in or out a bit instead of just straight on center. Evaluate your sitting and working style and think about whether or not you need this feature.

Unlike the Aeron and other ergonomic chairs that use a mesh material instead for the chair backing, Humanscale offers no mesh options on the Freedom chair. The seat cushions are made either of foam or “Technogel” over a foam core, covered with either a Vellum or Wave material (durable, stretchy upholstery materials) or leather (Prima, Sabrina, or Vicenza leather) in the high end models. The gel option is only available with Wave or Vellum finish — the leather chairs come standard with the foam cushion. The gel is supposed to reduce back muscle strain. The gel is only available in the seat bottom, not in the seat backs or headrest (which are the standard molded foam).

In both cases, the foam cushions are sculpted to ergonomically fit the curves and indentions of the human body. They are supposed to spread your weight evenly over the broadest area. In my view, leather doesn’t make the most ergonomic finishing material — the leather chairs from Humanscale can cost twice as much as the non-leather chair. It seems to me that Humanscale is targetting the highest-end office chair market here, just to charge that high price for the premium leather with no other real benefit. The cloth textiles can be washed with soap and water if you spill something on them, while leather cleaner should be used on the leather finishes.

Humanscale Freedom Chair Price

Coming in at just under R20 000.00, this chair does offer long lasting quality, but why not consider a more budget friendly chair that is just as jam-packed with features as this one?


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