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Humanscale Freedom Chair vs Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Humanscale Freedom Chair vs Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

The Humanscale Freedom is undoubtedly a heavy chair, taller and larger than the Aeron, but still able to fit comfortably at most desks. You may find yourself inadvertently leaning back more, sometimes just slightly, sometimes a lot, using the headrest to support your neck. This may become a novelty, but the best part is that it continues to support your head while still being able to work and view the computer monitor without difficulty.

When looking into the best ergonomic office chair, it’s important to look for sufficient weight dispersal that typically comes with the mesh material instead of cushion.

Compared to other chairs, the foam and gel cushion material in the Humanscale is quite accommodating.

When it comes to aesthetics, Humanscale chairs have been seen in the background of offices on many TV shows and movies, and people ogle them for their design and ergonomics. However, if you have never had a chair with a headrest before, it’s a little different looking.

With the headrest, it certainly sits up taller than most other computer or desk chairs you’ve ever encountered. And the way it is contoured to your back and neck, when you are reclined, you do have sort of an invalid look to you, pressed up against the back of the chair. Then of course there are the crisp lines and styling, and the minimalist design when it comes to knobs and levers for making adjustments.

Thumbs up also on the color selections – you have plenty to choose from here.

Are Humanscale and Aeron chairs worth their price tag? Yes, assuming you spend a lot of time at your desk and plan on keeping your chair for 5 years or more. Which office chair should you buy? If you like the mesh design, the Aeron remains our recommendation. As runner up, perhaps the other Humanscale model, the Liberty Chair. If you have tried the foam-based Humanscale chairs, and you like the headrest and recline, then absolutely the Humanscale Freedom is your chair. Bottom line, these are all excellent chairs and it gets down to personal preference, and budget.


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