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How To Look After Your Furniture

How To Look After Your Furniture

Furniture is not the type of item that you just buy more of or replace once it becomes damaged or dirty, but rather is the type of item you should look after and care for so that hopefully you won’t be forced to buy more furniture later on in your life (as we all know furniture can get very costly). 

So, how do you go about keeping your furniture in a clean, presentable condition?

  • Read the Label on your Furniture

This is an important, yet widely overlooked first step in properly caring for your furniture. The care label attached to your furniture should tell you everything you need to know about cleaning and caring for that specific item you just bought (by disclosing materials used and other important information).

And if for some reason your furniture doesn’t have a label on it, then speak to a salesperson at the store you purchased it from and ask for any tips they have regarding looking after the furniture. 

  • Avoid Keeping Your Furniture in Direct Sunlight

Keeping your furniture in a spot where it receives direct sunlight most of the day is known to cause discoloration on your furniture, which makes it seem old, worn-out and dirty. 

Rather try keeping items of furniture that you really love in cooler, dryer places and avoid keeping them next to windows where they will receive constant light.

If your home is naturally bright and your furniture has to sit in the sun, then try moving or rotating your furniture once in a while so that it doesn’t receive sun in the exact same places every day. 

  •  Vacuum and Clean your Furniture

It is vital that you vacuum and clean your furniture in order to keep it in prime condition. 

You should vacuum your furniture to get rid of any dust particles, loose dirt or inconsistencies that you spot. This way you are removing whatever you can before actually washing your furniture (and then having to rub all the dirt and dust deeper into it). 

Now that your furniture is vacuumed, you can wash it with mildly soapy water and a damp cloth to remove stains. 

However, remember not to overwash your furniture as this can be damaging to the quality of your furniture over time. 

  • Protect the Surfaces of your Furniture

This can be done by simply making use of coasters, placemats, table cloths, glass, and plastic coverings. This will prevent any unnecessary spills or stains from ruining your furniture and will also cut down greatly on the time you spend cleaning your furniture. 

  • Professional Cleaning

As much as self-cleaning your furniture and caring for it will keep it in good condition, it is also recommended that you take your favorite pieces of furniture to be professionally cleaned from time-to-time in order to have everything cleaned thoroughly and properly. 

  • Treat your Furniture Right!

This point really speaks for itself. If you treat your furniture well and with respect, it will limit how damaged and dirty it can get and as a result, it will remain in a presentable, acceptable condition. 

After using these tips and tricks you will most certainly be able to keep your furniture in a condition that’s as good as new!

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