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How To Efficiently Organise Your Study Desk

So you’re studying and working at the same time. We get that this can be a major challenge, and you deserve a big pat on the back just for taking on the challenge. One of the best ways to keep your head clear of clutter and to help with improving your focus is to do what you can to efficiently organise your study desk. In the times we live in, our study desks have to be multi-purpose desks, especially if we’re working from home and have limited space. You might even be sharing the space with a loved one. So what can you do to help keep things organised? 

Embrace The Space

First up, getting organised requires embracing the space as an area for productivity and concentration. This starts with making sure that there is enough space on the desk for everything you have to have there. Ask yourself honestly if you’ve got the right solution for your needs, and if not, try Ixaxa Office Furniture for some good deals. Remember to include all the practical items you need on your list of essentials to keep on the desk, but also to save room for a few items that spark joy. 

Get The Layout Sorted

Speaking of sparking joy, getting the layout of the desk sorted can work wonders for organisation and encouraging productivity. Free up a corner for a small plant, or a sentimental item that reminds you why you are working or studying. Designate key areas around the desk for your computer, books and everything else. Group similar items together, and stack them top down from smallest to biggest where you can.

Mind All Your Office Supplies

You can’t study or work without the right office supplies, so keeping these organised is a good place to build some momentum in the organising process. Try out a small bag, or even a cup, to store your pens, pencils and other stationary. Keep track of what you’re using, and what might have just landed on the desk over the years. Do a regular revision, so you’re not caught without a working pen the day before a big exam or project. 

Embrace White Space

When you’re organising your study desks, the less clutter you have in front of you, the better. This means embracing the open (or white) space on the desk, which can help to calm your mind when you’re trying to concentrate. Keep free space no matter how small the desk might be by setting a rule that nothing non-work or non-studying related should make its way to the desk. That includes the invoice from the UberEats delivery from this afternoon!

Reassess Regularly As Your Needs Change

Last but not least, organising your study desk requires regularly tending to the area and reassessing your needs as they change. You might be studying and working now, but during exam time, study material should take preference. When you’ve started working full-time, you’ll be glad to be rid of all the textbooks on the desk. If you set a small reminder for yourself to take five minutes to reprioritise and organise, you’ll save yourself a lot of mental energy that could be best spent elsewhere. You’ll be on track to achieving your goals before you even know it. 

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