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How To Choose The Right Desk For Your Small Space

How To Choose The Right Desk For Your Small Space

“Whether you’re living in a loft working from home or have an office that’s too tiny to fit all your favourite things, your desk should be the one furniture piece you love. Why? Because it’s where you spend your working hours. If you don’t find comfort in your desk, then you’re not going to be productive! Our blog highlights different desks for small spaces that you may not have thought of, and how you can make your space work with a desk you love!

Checklist – Desks For Small Spaces

Before you decide how small of a desk you want, create a checklist before you start your shopping. This checklist should contain:

Measurements Of Your Office

You want to make sure you buy a desk that will fit your small space. Measure out the exact measurements of where your desk will be placed.

Colour Scheme

Look at your office right now and see what colours you already have flowing. Think about if you want to go with a white desk or something with wood or colours. Desks that are neutral in colours help to keep us focused.


What kind of a theme are you going for in your office or loft? Are you going for a rustic office, or a minimalist or chic and cosy or professional? Having these ideas in mind before shopping will save you lots of time. If you’re starting your entire office from scratch, then you have more wiggle room, to begin with, a brand-new theme. However, if you already have furniture in your office, you want to make sure your desk theme and colours match what’s already existing.


Have a budget in mind before you start your shopping. You don’t want to get too carried away when you start shopping!

Shelf Desks

How To Choose The Right Desk For Your Small Space








Shelf desks are great if you have insufficient space. The only thing that takes up room is your chair, even then you can push it under the desk. This desk is practical for people who don’t have too many items or too many monitors. It can hold 1-2 screens as well as notebooks/paperwork you can place in the two drawers. If your workload is light or you work from home often, this desk would be a great fit. All the white colours also help brighten the room to make your day that much more joyful!

Small Desks With Extra Shelves

How To Choose The Right Desk For Your Small Space









On the other hand, if you need more space for your accessories and paperwork. This desk is the perfect match for you. The shelves rest on the walls, so you don’t need extra space or a drill to hang them. It also has a clean look which also helps to brighten any office or room. Depending on what style you like, this rustic-chic desk could go with everything. You won’t have to worry about what decor or chair to match it with.

Practical Desks

How To Choose The Right Desk For Your Small Space






Desks for small spaces. These desks are great for if you buckle down and get to work every day. They have enough room for multiple screens, and they have enough storage for all of your work necessities. The desks and shelves also hug the wall, so no space is being wasted! If you know what your dimensions are and can spare a few inches, this desk is a perfect and practical workspace. You won’t feel too cramped or feel like you don’t have enough room for all your office supplies.

Finding The Perfect Match

Finding a desk that will meet all of your requirements can be tricky. You have to have the perfect measurements, it should fit into your budget, and it should match your overall work lifestyle as well as what you want your office to look like.”

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