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How Much You Should Be Spending On An Office Desk

How Much You Should Be Spending On An Office Desk

If you’ve just opened a new business, or you’re moving your existing business to new premises, you may be in the market for a new office desk. It may also just be the time to make a change as we head into a new decade, which will be full of new challenges and adventures. Regardless of your motive, buying a new office desk can be an expensive process. Question is, how expensive? It can be tricky to estimate how much you should be spending on your own, so let’s look at the average price of office furniture, considering what affects the price, and ultimately landing on a figure that is in the region of what you can expect to pay.

Managing Spending on Office Furniture

As you’ll be aware, buying office furniture is no small investment. Being prepared to pay for high quality is something that is non negotiable, as any skimping in this sense will mean more maintenance, faster wear-and-tear, and ultimately, will put you out of pocket. Firstly, it’s important that it is viable for the business to buy new furniture, so ensure that it is worked into the short-term budget, but also, that you take note of warranties on your products, and schedule maintenance and replacement costs into when the warranties run out. You should do this as soon as you buy a new piece of furniture. While office furniture may not be cheap, it ultimately becomes the foundation for the “home” of your business, not only affecting how professional your business looks, but also affecting company culture too. 

What a Desk, or a Workspace Solution, Will Cost You

There are many variables that affect the price of a desk or a workspace, including material used, whether it has to be imported, storage, mobility, finishes and size. Locally, you can expect to spend anything from R5 000 to R30 000 for a decent office desk or workspace solution, and when looking at international items (we considered some Canadian products in our research, for example), that price can nearly double. If you’re after something flashy, with more bells and whistles, then expect to fork out the funds for it, but make sure it’s practical in the first place. Alternatively, a more simple desk is an option, but be mindful that popping over to the “store next door” and buying a R999.00 desk is not going to give you the quality, longevity or professional finish necessary. You’ll thank us later.

Assess Your Needs Before Buying an Office Desk

One of the most important things that people forget when they purchase new office furniture, is to do a realistic assessment of their needs before buying a desk. Consider the size of your business, how mobile the desk needs to be, how big your office is, and also, how much space you need to get your tasks done. Lots of startups are adopting a policy of hotdesking, where multiple people use a single desk, and hop between spots as and how they feel on any given day. This is something to keep in mind, especially if you are in an open plan environment. Buying a desk to be used by multiple people may affect how fast it needs maintenance, but also assists you financially, as you are not simply buying a desk for single use. Make an assessment of your needs, which should only take a couple of minutes, and you’ll be happier for it later.

Your First Stop When It Comes To New Office Furniture

Now that you’re aware of what you should be looking to spend on an office desk, you can start to have a look at some of the catalogues available. Ixaxa Office Furniture, for example, has a wide range of office desks available online, that you can enquire about very easily. While their prices are not listed on the site, you now have an idea as to the range you should be looking at spending within. Talk to them about any special offers and promotions they might have depending on the season, and hopefully you’ll soon be equipped with a desk that looks after you while you’re at work, and also makes you proud to complete your tasks each day.

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