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How Much To Spend on a Leather Office Chair in 2020

2020 has been a year of ups and downs, with the coronavirus pandemic changing the way we work forever. As the world slowly starts to emerge again and businesses reopen in this interesting new climate, it may be time to consider an office refresh in order to motivate your employees once they return to the office in the “new normal”. Leather office chairs can be a great addition to various sections of the existing office space, and finding a good deal on a high quality product may be easier than you think. We’ve got you covered in terms of how much you should be thinking about spending, and where to look to find the best possible deal right now. 

Are Leather Sofas Still Fashionable?

We thought it might be good to check in about a common question that lots of interior designers hear from their clients, especially when designing an office space. Leather style sofas and chairs may be considered to be somewhat more traditional than some of its fabric counterparts, but they are certainly still considered to be trendy in regard to these other options. Leather allows for a mix between a contemporary and modern workspace, depending on the way it is used relative to the other pieces of furniture in the space, while also adding a sleek and high-end touch to spaces that feel like they need a little bit of sprucing up to begin with. 

Tips To Consider Before Buying Leather Furniture

Whenever you’re thinking of buying a new piece of furniture, it’s important to consider a couple of tips to make the process easier, and to know exactly what you should be looking out for if you’ve got a fabric in mind already. You can identify genuine leather by the texture and the smell. It should be soft and warm to the touch, and should have a rich and distinctive aroma. Often, faux leather will emit a chemical smell. Consider the grain too, and if you see variations, the likelihood is that you’re buying genuine leather. If it’s very uniform, you are likely buying a fake. This can affect how long it lasts, what you end up paying at the store, and potential resale value down the line. 

How Much To Spend on a Leather Office Chair in 2020

The million dollar question indeed, knowing how much to pay for a leather office chair in 2020 can mean the difference between buying at a competitive rate and getting taken for a ride. Office chairs can retail from anywhere upwards of R2000 in the lower-end of the spectrum, but if you’re serious about a leather model, don’t expect to pay less than R5000. These prices are subject to disparities due to the onset of COVID-19, which will still have a major effect on prices based on international imports and price hikes brought on by companies trying to cover overheads. Expect the unexpected, but don’t accept any price, and do thorough research on competitor prices before you make a buying decision. 

Starting Your Search For The Perfect Office Chair

Leather or not, your next office chair should come from a reputable supplier that has you covered from the moment you pick out the chair, until it arrives at the office space. Reputable companies like Ixaxa Office Furniture are renowned for offering a full-scale service irrespective of whether the customer is placing an individual or a bulk order. While you need to call them directly to find out about the prices related to their catalogue, it’s worth getting in touch, as their experts will also be able to direct you to the best places to look if they can’t assist with what you’re looking for. You’ll be on your way to the refreshed office space you’re craving before you even know it.

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