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How Furniture Stores Should Be Providing After-Sales Service 

How Furniture Stores Should Be Providing After-Sales Service 

These days, customer service doesn’t end as soon as you leave a store, goods in hand and with lighter pockets. In the furniture industry, in particular, it is important to know that your supplier will be giving you additional support not only from as early as when you’re contemplating buying a new piece of furniture but all the way through the entire journey of finding the right goods for your new space. How sure are you that the company you are looking to buy from can guarantee after-sales service and support? This is one of the first things to ask before agreeing to make any purchase of this kind.

Getting Your Office or Home Furniture Delivered

The furniture company you’re looking into will hopefully, as a standard, offer home or office delivery to you, at a minimal fee or no fee at al. As indicated by the popular Friends episode where Ross & Rachel attempt to move a new couch a few blocks from the store to their apartment, but end up destroying it while carrying it up the stairs (and Ross subsequently getting $4 in store credit back for his purchase), doing it on your own is not always the best bet. While it may seem like a good option in the short term, you’ll be a lot happier knowing all the furniture you’ve carefully selected will be arriving in one piece and on a day that is convenient to you (do enquire about same-day delivery, of course). Trust the process, and try not to cut corners on such a big personal or business investment.

Understanding Furniture Warranties

Furniture can be an expensive investment, so it’s important to check the warranties on individual pieces, and to find out more about the store policy in terms of exchanges, refunds, and repairs. You want to pick a store that offers these as additional support options, so you’re not left with any doubts or questions, should you need assistance later down the line. Warranties are crucial, over and above general household and business insurance, to ensure that your furniture is safe and secure, regardless of unforeseen events in the future. Find out about the warranty attached to all furniture items you are considering purchasing before making your final decision and be sure to consult with someone at the store should a warranty policy seem unclear in any way.

Furniture Assembly & Maintenance

Whether in a home office, personal or corporate environment, you should also be able to trust that the furniture store will be able to assist you with the assembly of tricky items, as well as helping out with any maintenance that you may need at a later time. Initially, when buying new items, there is a renewed sense of excitement, and little attention is paid to the logistics and the T’s & C’s. Don’t be afraid to talk to the salesman about these extras and to work them into your budget where possible. Ideally, a good furniture store will provide you these options upfront, so you can work any additional costs into your budget, to begin with, avoiding any surprises later on.

Additional Enquiries and Future Furniture Needs

Your relationship with a brand doesn’t just end when they make their sale – these days we go on lifelong journeys with the brands we know and love. You should be able to count on the brand you’ve trusted to provide you with insight into future purchases you could consider, as well as to ensure you have a central point of contact should you require advice in future. Make sure that you get a good feeling from your supplier; don’t waste your time if they seem disinterested in providing you with longer term, good customer service. It may leave you searching for a few providers, but at the end of the day, you’re putting a lot of trust into their products and service, so they should be reciprocating that respect right from the beginning.

If any of these considerations have led to you questioning the last store you bought furniture from, then it’s time to rethink your next provider. Don’t settle for second best. Ixaxa Office Furniture ticks all of these boxes, having been in the furniture industry for decades, refining their craft, and offering great customer service regardless of the size of your budget. All customers are treated equally and with incredible response times to general queries. Look no further when it comes to trying to find a premiere furniture supplier in the greater Johannesburg area.

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