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Home Office Furniture Johannesburg: What, Where and Who?

Home Office Furniture Johannesburg: What, Where and Who?

A home office is a luxury afforded to few, and those who do get to enjoy the freedom of working from home often opt to have a room dedicated to working. But what exactly does a home office need in order to allow an environment conducive to clear thinking, a space you can invite clients into which provides them with confidence in your unique brand, and a space to discuss important and integral ideas to grow both your business as well as theirs?

The answer is quite simple; a home office space that is fitted with the right furniture can allow for all of these freedoms and more. But how do you know you’re getting the best deal, and not paying the price of furniture more suited to a fully-fledged enterprise?

We discuss what type of furniture is best for your home space, where you can find it, and just how you can get a fully kitted out, a sophisticated home office space that suits your budget.


What Is Home Office Furniture?

While the basics of any office space furniture remain cornerstone pieces, such as a comfortable and healthy office chair, a spacious and functional desk and of course storage – there are differences in the types of furniture that are suited to home vs office spaces.

The first major difference in home office vs normal office furniture is the amount of furniture required, as well as their sizes. Instead of opting for a cluster desk setup, for example, a home office might require only one or two desks. It is generally a good idea to opt for tables that either have built-in storage, such as pedestals, or to buy a free-standing variant of these.

Home office tables should ideally fit in with the aesthetic and general décor of your home office, so as not to look out of place. So if your home is modern, a steel framed table with white melamine finishes might complement your setup beautifully. For a more classically styled space, opting for wood finishing’s would be better suited.

That being said, there is likely less of a need for a full-sized executive desk, and you may want to consider a managerial sized desk or even a regular modular setup.

When it comes to chairs, one should never compromise. Whether you are office based within an organisation, based from your home space – or even if you are a half-day secretary – a good chair is an investment piece suggested for anyone who sits in excess of as little as three hours per day.

Good support, comfort and mobility are the three biggest factors when choosing a chair. Ergonomic chairs are the most popular choice – for a myriad of reasons. Try not to “skimp” on this area of furnishing your home office – the more comfortable you are when working, the longer you can work – without any pain associated with poorly built office chairs.

Storage is also optimal in any type of office setup; you may be dealing with confidential client files – in which case, a lockable storage unit is always suggested. The last thing you want is for any client files to be damaged, misplaced or lost. You can make use of filing cabinets – which are far more spacious than a pedestal storage unit. Make this piece your own – opt for materials which are durable and match your general décor theme.

Home office furniture is typically more compact, less costly and more focussed on design aspects than regular office furniture.

Where Can I Buy Home Office furniture Near Me?

It may seem logical to simply buy your furniture from the local “home furniture” store at your nearest mall, but remember, you will be a paying a premium for the brand name of that furniture.

As a business owner, you know that getting the right product for the lowest possible price is what keeps businesses one step ahead; why not shop around at office furniture stores? Instead of physically going to each store, do some online research first; compare similar products for prices differences, view virtual (and physical) showrooms to get a feel for the furniture, and look for places that offer warranty’s or guarantee’s on their furniture.

This can help a great deal if you encounter any issues with the furniture; your mind should be focused on your business – not sorting our faulty chairs or sub-par desks!

Here is a list of office furniture suppliers who cater for both home and regular office space furniture requirements:

Office Furniture Suppliers Johannesburg

Quantum Office –

Office furniture Direct – http://www.officefurnituredirect.co.za/

Entrawood – http://www.entrawood.co.za/

Office Group – https://www.officegroup.co.za/

Office furniture Warehouse – http://officefurniturewarehouse.co.za/

Ixaxa Office Furniture – https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products


What makes Ixaxa different? Armed with over 20 years of experience in office furniture and workstation design solutions, we decided distinguish ourselves as a furniture company by placing as much emphasis on offering a superior service as on selling quality products at affordable prices by importing directly to our physical showroom.

Therefore, we will guarantee not only that our office desks, chairs and other products will likely outlast their occupants but also that we will carry out a customised installation of your furniture within 2 days of payment.

You get the chance to physically view your furniture before buying, with trained professionals with extensive experience in the industry. A turnaround time of 48 hours for the installation of customised furniture is not something that is widely offered by competitor.


Want to out us to the test? Click here to get in touch with us today for a customised quote and professional guidance.

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