High-End Herman Miller Office Chair Review: South Africa

High-End Herman Miller Office Chair Review: South Africa

Herman Miller is arguably one of the most iconic furniture brands globally; with the promise of quality in each piece, and years of research and development to boot, the Aeron chair is the trademark piece featured by this brand. Since Aeron debuted in 1994, Herman Miller have learned a great deal more about how best to support people in the varied postures they adopt throughout the workday. With this chair, they have incorporated two decades worth of technological and ergonomic enhancements to improve the health-positive design, and widen the range of cross-performance capabilities. With updates that include a more refined tilt mechanism, adjustable PostureFit SL, and 8Z Pellicle suspension, Aeron performs smarter than ever before—so you can too.

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair Review

Get into the zones

Pellicle, the innovative, elastomeric suspension of the original Aeron, eliminated circulation-restricting pressure points and stretched the boundaries of material design. 8Z Pellicle pushes the material to a whole new zone—eight of them. Across the seat and back, eight latitudinal zones of varying tension—tightest at the edges and more forgiving where the body makes contact—envelop the sitter, and deliver increased comfort and ergonomic support.

Stay cool

By doing away with foam and fabric, Aeron solved one of prolonged sitting’s biggest predicaments: the buildup of heat and humidity close to the body. Pellicle allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through the seat and backrest to help maintain even and comfortable skin temperatures. While many chairs have adopted mesh as a way to deliver some performance, there’s only one Pellicle.

A stance worth backing

If an active body is at its strongest when standing, chest open and pelvis tilted slightly forward, it makes sense that you would be better off sitting like that too. And that’s exactly where PostureFit SL comes in. Adjustable, individual pads stabilize the sacrum and support the lumbar region of the spine to mimic that healthful standing position.

Combined comfort

All of the enhancements to Aeron were designed to work together to comprehensively support the human form. PostureFit SL and 8Z Pellicle represent a higher level of ergonomic expertise and state of the art support to improve the experience for the sitter. Together they create total spinal support—calculated, localized support that moves the skeletal system into a position that provides ultimate spinal support. This is achieved both when the person is still, and when the person moves, to provide more active support.

If you’re so reclined

Staying in one position reduces the natural pumping action of the muscles that deliver nutrients to the intervertebral disks. The Aeron Chair’s tilt allows it to move with the body in such a natural way that people can shift from forward to reclining postures intuitively. Today’s slimmer, updated tilt mechanism delivers an even more seamless experience of movement (and stasis) to the sitter through a smoother trajectory and optimal balance point. Aeron is designed to keep people in contact with the back of the chair and in control of their continuous movement throughout the entire range of recline.

A seamless shift

Aeron enables people to shift from an upright position to a full-recline smoothly and simply. While the original design supported numerous positions and postures, the frame angle has been adjusted 1.8 degrees forward to better support the body in the upright position and across a wider range of postures. Whether a person is positioned forward for typing and intense focus, or fully-reclined for conversation and contemplation, they will find Aeron moving with them—without any trouble—to offer proper ergonomic support across a larger variety of tasks.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Price South Africa

This chair will set you back in the region of R 9 000.00.

h/t to AllOffice for this link: https://www.alloffice.co.za/product/store-buy/classic-aeron-store/


High-End Office Chairs Under R 9 000.00

Not all of us have access to a budget that could accommodate a R 9 000.00 office chair, so we’ve got a list of our favourite ergonomic chairs from Ixaxa Office right here:

  • Apollo Chair – from R 3 499.00 (including VAT)

Do you spend most of your day working at your desk? Is your office chair providing you with the support it should be?

Here’s what clients had to say about it:

“The results are amazing.  I feel more productive, it provides me with the support that I need in my back” – Marcia Margolis Editor in Chief at SA Decor & Design.

Check it out here: https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=apollo-chair

  • Falcon Ergonomic Chair – from R 6 600.00 (including VAT)
  • Synchro Mechanism with 5 Position Lock
  • Gas Height Adjuster
  • 5* Black Nylon Spider Base
  • Adjustable Seat (back and forth)
  • Adjustable Lumber Support and Headrest Adjustable
  • PU Arm Rests. Non-Woven Mesh Back and Black Woven Mesh Seat
  • 5 year Warranty

Check it out here : https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=falcon-chair


  • Lumbar Pro Ergonomic Chair – from R 5 499.00 (including VAT)

The Lumbar Pro has an ergonomically designed back rest with adjustable lumbar support and a permanent contact back rest.  The chair is endorsed by the South African Society of Physiotherapy and offer superior all day seating comfort.

Availability – 2 to 3 Weeks.

Check it out here: https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=lumbar-pro-chair


  • Spinelly Chair – price to be announced upon launch

The Spinelly’s aim is to create a back that moves with you. Spinelly’s flexible back allows for active seating. This is achieved through a unique rib design in conjunction with an elastomer spine system. The chair is also equipped with a weight sensing mechanism which adjusts the recline resistance automatically according to the user’s weight.

Check it out here: https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=spinelly-chair


  • WAU Ergonomic Chair – from R 5 999.00 (including VAT)

Experience the Ergonomic WAU chair’s individualized fit for yourself – fully adjustable to where you need support the most.

  • Dimensions – 700cm x 650cm x 1290cm
  • Availability – Immediately – Exclusive to Ixaxa

Check it out here:  https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=wau-chair


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