Herman Miller Office Chair Guide – Ergonomics Top 5 Guide for High-End Office Chairs

Herman Miller Office Chair Guide– Ergonomics Top 5 Guide for High-End Office Chairs

Unless you’re one of the few who uses a standing desk, you’re probably seated for the majority of – if not all day at work. Never mind all those reports that sitting down will ultimately kill you. We spend more time in our desk chairs than we do in our beds.

So it’s important to have a high-quality desk chair which will support you properly throughout your workday—known in the industry as “ergonomic seating”—that feels comfortable and supportive, and can be adjusted to account for constant changes in the way you sit. A good chair adapts to you, not the other way around.

Below you’ll find five reviews of the most up-to-date ergonomic seating choices. While some represent models that have been on the market for years, most have received numerous upgrades over that time – some minor, some major.

A quick, minor word of warning: Like clothing and shoes, ergonomic chairs can fit different body types quite differently. A chair that’s too confining for one person may be perfectly comfy for someone shorter, and seating mileage will almost certainly vary from person to person. For this reason, it’s best to physically “fit” the chair (if possible) before buying. Enjoy Ixaxa’s exclusive showroom where you’ll be able to do exactly that!

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Herman Miller Aeron Review

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Last year (2016) Herman Miller gave the Aeron, a staple of the modern office, a long-awaited upgrade. The new Aeron—colloquially, but not officially, known as the Aeron 2, was described by the company as “totally new, from the casters up.” But unless you’re an Aeron nerd, you probably won’t notice the difference. The frame is nearly identical, though changes to the suspension system better support the back while keeping you cool, and upgrades under the hood make it easier to adjust the chair to fit your body. A new colour, mineral, is also available.

Fully loaded, the eight adjustment systems are intuitive and easily accessible, except for the arms, which are a bit easy to knock out of place. If you use the arms to “push off” when you stand up, even a little bit, they fly backwards, messing up a carefully tuned ergonomic setup. Another issue you may want to consider is the severe plastic lip that wraps around the seat. On the sides, this lip creates an inclined rim that forces you into the centre of the chair, which is good for your posture but bad for shifting around in your seat. You can’t sit sideways even for a moment, because it hurts to rest your leg against it. Proper posture may be a good thing, but fidgeting is important too.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review

The Sayl is a sprite of an office chair, an accessory that runs anywhere from R 6 000.00  to R 15 000.00,  depending on where you find it. It’s designed to be as lightweight and affordable as possible, but with just the right ergonomics for your back and, of course, a classy Herman Miller design.

The biggest feature of the Sayl – after its minimalistic construction – is that flexible webbing on the back, which tries to offer both comfort and support (users found that, in general, it succeeded at that). However, this comes at the cost of not much customization – you can’t do much with the armrests or spine support, so controls are limited. It all depends if you like that approach or not

The major advantages of the Sayl Chair include its eco-friendly, minimalistic design and strong back support. On the downside, the chair is not very customisable and is not deigned to carry a load in excess of approximately 100 – 120 kg.

The Sayl is a great choice for a modern office and a sensitive spine, but try to sit in one first, because not much tweaking is allowed here.

Herman Miller Cosm Chair Review

In the Cosm Chair, Herman Miller looks to eliminate issues that arise from highly adjustable and customisable chairs which are tailored to a specific user. The Cosm was conceived with modern business workspaces and casual home offices in mind, where no two days are spent at the same place (or on the same chair) by the same person. Implementing the latest technological advances such as Auto-Harmonic Tilt to design and produce the Cosm, the result is a self-adapting chair that can automatically adjust to individuals’ posture, weight and pressure points without the need for manual adjustments beforehand. Highly adjustable chairs tailored to a specific user are usually left unadjusted by subsequent users, which compromises comfort and defies the support benefits of the chair.

The Cosm task chair will appeal to anyone who wishes to feel as comfortable as possible when sitting down for longer periods of time without having to think about the chair they are sitting on.

Herman Miller Celle Chair Review

The Herman Miller Celle Chair is a sturdy, average-looking, moderately comfortable office chair. There are a wide range of adjustments on the chair, and a high degree of technological innovation in the individual flexing discs and loops that make up the surface of the seat and the seat back. All to the good. However, the chair that’s advertised to move according to your every minute body movement is a bit rigid. The surface of the chair feels plastic, and while it’s not hard, it’s not inviting or particularly soft. The adjustments certainly help a lot when it comes to staying comfortable and supported, but this isn’t a ten hour a day chair.

When you bring value into the equation, however, suddenly Celle becomes much more attractive. For practically the same cost of a standard office chair, you get a product that better in almost every regard, and definitely superior when it comes to craftsmanship and adjustability.

The ‘X’ Factor is the style of the chair. How you feel about the way it looks will have a big impact on how you judge it as an office chair. It’s a somewhat polarizing look.

This is a good value buy if you want something a little better than the big box stores. But if you’re looking for work chair luxury and high performance, look elsewhere.

Herman Miller Verus Chair Review

The Verus family of Herman Millers range includes stool, work chair and side chair options that are customizable and versatile to use for any space. At Herman Miller, they believe that everyone deserves an extraordinary chair – and Verus delivers their guaranteed durability, ergonomic excellence, and quality. This family is a great option when you have a tight budget with price points ranging from R5 0000.00 – R8 000.00 . Backed by Herman Miller’s standard 12 year, 3 shift warranty, Verus is a great option when you have a tight budget but you’re wanting the Herman Miller name.

The name Verus is Latin and means genuine, true, and well founded. The Verus hold true to the Latin meaning and is best in class comfort, attainable value, durability, and quality.

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