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Heavy Duty Office Chairs – Range and Prices

Heavy Duty Office Chairs – Range and Prices

These days, when it comes to buying office chairs, many companies are opting for purchases with a focus on style and fashionability, rather than thinking practically about how comfortable and ergonomic the chairs actually are. With employees spending upwards for 40 hours a week (if not more) at their desks, racking up hours and hours, if you consider that most people only take two weeks of annual leave each year, it is very important that you buy with the intention of getting chairs that provide good back support for your staff, encouraging their longer term health and ensuring they are comfortable in their workspace. Let’s explore some options you can consider whether you are buying for the first time, or simply looking to refresh the office a bit.

What Should You Consider Before Buying New Office Chairs?

We’ve mentioned that a top priority should be practical considerations, rather than focusing on style alone, but naturally, price should also be a factor. Keep in mind, that while most office chairs tend to have decent warranties if purchased brand new, you have to consider the individual needs of your business as well, to get a better sense around how quickly you may need to replace chairs and other equipment down the line. A busy sales team, for example, or a growing sense of “hot desking” at the office (people bouncing from desk to desk at a day-to-day basis) will make this a little more unpredictable but is worth factoring into your budget. Naturally, looking to buy heavy duty chairs, rather than standard office chairs, may be a better option, especially if you don’t want to be walking around with a toolbox fixing chairs every other day, to the frustration of the team.

The Best Heavy Duty Office Chairs to Consider

We’ve done extensive research on some of the top chairs in the mild to heavy duty range, for you to consider ahead of making your next purchase. In no particular order, it’s worth having a look at the following:

  • WAU Ergonomic Chair: This futuristic chair comes with a five year warranty and confirmation that all parts can be recycled once the chair is thrown away. Perfect for if you’re looking to improve the sustainability rating of your business as a whole and if you want something that won’t be out of style in a couple of years. 
  • Sohum Mesh Managerial Chair: Don’t let the word “managerial” throw you off here; this chair is suitable for any staff. Boasting an adjustable armrest and a separate headrest, your employees may feel like they’re sitting in a sports car while using this chair, but at a capacity of 150kg, regardless of how they feel, you’re sure to have provided them with a dependable, long lasting chair solution.
  • Apollo Chair: This chair may look a little simpler than it really is, but when it comes to efficiency and providing great back support, it is one of the most sought after chairs within the range. It also helps that it comes in a variety of colours, so you could have a bit of fun customising the colours between departments, should you wish to do so. 
  • King Cobra 180Kg Chair: It goes without saying that anything titled “King Cobra” is going to be a beast of a product. This heavy, heavy duty chair, which looks like a combination of a movie house seat and a traditional sofa you may see on your favourite TV show, is a wildcard in the group, but guaranteed to survive the general wear and tear of daily office life. 
  • Concorde High Back Chair: If you’re budget is a little tighter than usual, and traditional works for you, the Concorde High Back Chair is the chair to consider. While there aren’t too many options in terms of customising this one, it does boast a state of the art swivel & tilt mechanism, not as regularly seen in other office chairs. 

Pricing: What You Can Expect To Pay For a Good Office Chair

A decent office chair tends to be priced somewhere between the R2000.00 – R5000.00 range, getting more expensive, the more it is specifically designed for heavy duty use. While it is not necessarily a small investment to buy any kind of office furniture, especially if the company is growing in staff members by the month, you can save yourself some longer-term headaches by asking about how easy it is to assemble the chairs yourself (which will help when parts start to get flimsy), as well as what kind of maintenance tends to be routine. 

Many office chairs come with allen keys and instructions around maintenance, which is a bonus, especially if you’re looking to have your office manager have a look at the state of all chairs on a regular basis. Regardless of your decision, it’s a good idea to show your staff the list of options available here and to make it a collaborative project. Not only will this help with getting some opinions on what might work for the “vibe” and overall company culture, but will also show you to be a thoughtful and considerate team leader too.

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