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Heated Office Chair – Pros and Cons of a Winter Luxury

Heated Office Chair – Pros and Cons of a Winter Luxury

Heated office chairs are a very comfortable set which allows you to sit comfortably in your office while doing your work- and at the same time provide you with heat during cold seasons. They are very body-forming, and comfortable. Just like the name suggests, they keep you warm and can be modified. Why do you think most posh offices use heated chairs? This is because they are quite comfortable. Did you know that you can work for longer hours without getting tired or sore due to sitting down just by sitting on the heated chairs? You can also use heated seat pad for office chair instead of buying the whole chair and you simply attach it to any seat. 

Pros and Cons of Climate Controlled Office Chairs

By giving everyone individual climate control, it’s possible to turn down the building’s heat or air conditioning and save energy. When we’re talking to big corporate users, they can relax the temperature set point a little bit, and even a small amount of relaxing the temperature gives you big energy savings. If you relax it a couple of degrees, what you’re going to find is a 5% to 10% energy savings on the heating and cooling system.

Of course, it doesn’t work in every situation. For people who want to stand up all day, obviously, a heated, cooled chair is not going to help them. But for the folks who are sitting down, this kind of thing is the fastest way to personalize temperature control.

We can see the chair being useful in an office environment where people all have different body temperatures but can’t whip out an extra blanket or put on or take off clothes like they could when they’re at home. Even though the chair costs a pretty penny, if you can get your hands on one, this investment could pay off to eliminate energy-sucking air conditioners to keep the a smaller office comfortable. Getting up to go use the bathroom or get coffee, however, might be a bit of a shift. Would this be one way to keep employees steady and working at their desks?

Alternative to Heated Office Chairs

Whether you’ve already just invested in brand new office chairs – the “regular” kind, or you simply cannot afford this type of luxury to every employee – fret not. Adding a heating pad (which can be bought at the fraction of a cost) to your existing chairs will solve this problem immediately.

Sometimes it may even be better to go this route. See, when designer developed the heated or climate-controlled office chair, their focus was likely on this one aspect, Suing an office chair designed for posture and comfort –such as ergonomic office chairs – means the focus was put into the comfort and construction of the chair itself, and not the added features.

Why not enjoy an ergonomic office chair and add your own heat pad? Shop Ixaxa’s range of ergonomic office chairs here.


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