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Guaranteed Office Furniture: Furnishing Your Office Has Never Been Safer

Guaranteed Office Furniture: Furnishing Your Office Has Never Been Safer

Warranty’s, guarantee’s – all the things we love and care for are likely under some sort of manufacturer or supplier protection in the case that something goes wrong. Why should your office furniture be any different?

Not all suppliers (nor manufacturers) offer this type of assurance, so by securing yourself someone who does you will not only be making a wise and “insured” decision – but also safeguarding yourself from future problems.

How Does an Office Furniture Guarantee Work?

As with ANY type of warranty or guarantee, certain conditions need to be met. Our own guarantees on office chairs bought through us need to meet the below stipulations:

  • Ixaxa Office Furniture chairs are guaranteed for 3 years. Our guarantee covers workmanship and components only.
  • This guarantee excludes abuse and normal wear and tear.
  • Chairs used 5 days a week, 9 hours a day is considered “normal use”.
  • Chairs are guaranteed on the basis that we reserve the right to firstly repair faulty items and secondly replace.
  • Our chairs are guaranteed for normal individual weight of 110kg.
  • We cover – mechanism, gas lift, and handles but excludes castors. (Reason dependant on surface of floor)


Why is a Guarantee Important?

If you have worked within the recommended guidelines of any product, and it presents fault, then the product show defect. There is no reason why you should be held liable for the cost of a product that no longer lives up to the implied or promised quality level as stated by the supplier.

If you were to buy a R 6000.00 investment piece such as an ergonomic chair, and the chair all but falls apart when you know you have treated it properly – you would want the peace of mind that you could take it back to whomever it was purchased from and have it repaired or replaced. We must understand two aspects of office furniture guarantees, however.

Firstly, not all office furniture suppliers offer extensive period warranties or guarantees. An industry norm is to provide one or the other, up to one year post-purchase.

Another important aspect is to remember that having a guarantee or warranty in place is not going to place you in a better piece of furniture, nor a better financial position than you were when you initially purchased it.

If you’d like to get quoted on any office chair that carries our extensive guarantee, click here to get in touch today!

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