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Good, Better and Best Office Furniture – How to Choose The Best for Less

Good, Better and Best Office Furniture – How to Choose The Best for Less

We are so often blindsided by a sale or special, where prices are heavily reduced on items we so desperately need that we overlook the value vs cost of an item. The value of a piece of office furniture is very seldom decided by its price, and vice versa. Below are some factors to help you determine what truly makes a piece of office furniture good, great or the best.

Office Furniture Criteria

  • Materials Used

Materials such as leather, mesh or vinyl for office chairs, as well as solid wood or veneer are typically the most common materials used to construct the items. That being said, the value of these items and the material used on them need to align with your idea of how they will be used in the regular office environment. Leather may be better suited to an executive who does not stay seated for the entirety of the day, whereas mesh or vinyl may be better suited for the regular 9-5 worker. Yes, the materials do influence price quite greatly, and the cheaper the material, the less lifespan you would see out of that furniture. Sometimes, a higher price tag means more mileage on the long run.

  • Warranty vs guarantee

A Guarantee is a promise that is provided, mostly when you buy consumer goods, that the product will live up to it’s expectations or you can ask for a replacement or your money back.

A Warranty is more like an insurance policy, where specific parts of a car can be insured (under warranty) at a set cost. It’s also important to note that certain items are not covered by a warranty as they are considered “wear and tear” or service items.

If future costs are of concern to you, it’s important you see if the piece of furniture you’re purchasing comes with one of these types of insurance.

  • Warranty of guarantee period

If a furniture item comes with a lifetime guarantee, grab it with both hands! Sometimes, you may be offered a limited period of warranty or guarantee, so consider carefully if this is an area of concern to you.

  • Service and support

If your supplier of office furniture does not offer services such as installation and setup, perhaps it’s time you look elsewhere. There is no point in buying an expensive item that you could possibly assemble incorrectly, and in turn void any guarantee. The supplier should also offer a consulting service whereby they advise you on the best possible options form, their range to suit your specific needs.

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