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Glass Desks – A Review

Glass Desks – A Review

Among the most modern and eye-catching of office furniture styles is glass. Sleek, modern, visually appealing and sophisticated, glass desks especially are a very attractive choice when looking to buy a desk. 

One thing to remember is that there are 3 different types of glass and this will mostly affect the price and durability of a glass desk. Regular glass is quite fragile but light while annealed and tempered glass is more expensive as it has been heat treated and made to be more durable. 

Are some pros and cons of glass desks:


  • Visual Appeal: Office spaces which prioritize and value a clean, modern and professional look will opt for glass office furniture like glass desks. Desks made of glass give an office a spacious and modern feel as there is no ‘solid’ object which obstruct a viewer’s perception of the space. Glass also looks great when paired with metal and wood finishing’s (both of which are very trendy right now). 
  • Cleaning: Glass desks wont stain, get water damage or get scratched up like conventional wooden or metal desks. Glass desks can therefore last you a lot longer than a desk made of wood for example and are extremely easy to clean. Simply use a soft damp cloth with some cleaning fluid to wipe away any dirt. 
  • Weight: As compared to conventional desks which are made with wood and often reinforced with metal, glass desks are much lighter and easier to move as opposed to the aforementioned kinds of desks. Opting for a glass desk is a good idea if you plan to move your office workspace in the future. 


  • Dust and Fingerprints: Glass desks don’t tarnish and weather like wooden or metal desks, but they will require more cleaning as dust, fingerprints and small stains from food and drinks will show up much more obviously. This is due to the lack of color of glass which doesn’t hide or camouflage dust like a dark color would. Regular cleaning by wiping a glass desk is therefore required to keep the desk looking pristine and clean. 
  • Fragility: Glass at the end of the day so a fragile material and will break if a large amount of weight or force is applied to it too quickly. Make sure to buy a tempered glass desk in this case as even dropping a stapler for example, could crack your desk- and there’s no patching that up. Tempered glass desks are quite costly so be prepared to lay out a bit more money. 
  • Price: Manufacturers take advantage of the fact that glass furniture in general is popular, so prices are inflated. Good quality glass, like tempered glass, is especially more expensive than traditional wooden office furniture and desks.

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