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Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs – Could We Be Missing Out?

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs – Could We Be Missing Out?

Gamers are now putting more emphasis on the comfort and ergonomics of a chair rather than focusing on the bells and whistles they usually come with. . When you’re gaming for hours on end, it does make sense to invest in a high-quality chair – one which is not only comfortable – but which also minimises the aches and strains which will naturally come from sitting in the same place whilst playing a marathon session.

It seems fairly safe to say the consensus is the best gaming chairs are those which are equally at home in an office as in a gaming room, though they tend to have much more colorful designs than the average office chair.

“A gaming chair is an office chair inspired by racing car seats and specially made to be used during long gaming hours (typically in excess of 7 hours at a time). They have a high back for head support and adjustable backseat and armrests. They also come in a variety of racing car designs and colours, which is more appealing to the gamer audience. However, because of the original designs and colours, it is not unusual to see them in a corporate environment, especially in the IT and car industries.

An office chair, on the other hand, is the type of chair we are used to seeing in home and corporate offices. They usually have a neutral/dark colour (grey, black, brown, etc.) and have a mid-back compared to a high back for head support. The big advantage of office chairs is the low price. However, at the low-price point, you can usually expect no features, limited or no warranty, and discomfort after 2-4 hours.

That being said, the term gaming chairs is mostly used to target gamers so they know that the chair is made to be used for a long gaming session. A normal office chair may not offer the same features and comfort for long hours.  If you are a gamer and you are looking for an improvement to the most important part of your desk setup, a gaming chair would be a good addition.”


Office Chair vs Gaming Chair – Differences

This kind of chairs is very common and in every office and almost in every house you can find one like that.

Office chairs have regular design, very often with mesh or leather material.

Price range of office chairs is very wide. You can find it as cheap as R 1000.00 and on the other end even R 8 000.00 – R 10 000.00 for high-end chairs.

Better office chairs have neck and lumbar support which you can adjust to your needs

Gaming chairs are quite new type of chairs. They become more popular in last few years mainly because of pro gamers and e-sport.

Design of gaming chairs is inspired by racing car seats and thanks to that you can easily recognize gaming chair through the other chairs.

Gaming chairs almost always have pillows for neck and lumbar support – usually you can’t find it in office chairs.

A lot of people think that gaming chairs are for people who play a lot of hours – 7 or more. It’s true but on good office chair you can also play or work 7 or more hours without pain. You need to remember about breaks and some exercises from time to time, that’s it.

Office Chair or Gaming Chair?

  1. What is your budget?

If you don’t want to spend a lot on your chair you should focus more on office chair than gaming chairs.

  1. Do you like fancy, racing car style?

It’s not perfect for everyone. This is only up to you which design of chair you prefer in your room / office: regular and simple design like office chairs have or fancy and sharp gaming chair racing style design.

  1. How many hours you spend on your chair?

Consider using an Ergonomic Office Chair for extended or prolonged hours of seating.


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Full source credit: workwithpleasure.com and chairsforgaming.com and ebuyer


Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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