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Five Ways to Overhaul Your Office Space Ixaxa Office Furniture

Five Ways to Overhaul Your Office Space

Five Ways to Overhaul Your Office Space

Even though there has been an enormous uptick in remote arrangements, home offices and other flexible work plans, most people still spend a lot of their 9 to 5 in a setting planned by someone else. The good news is, companies can update the office space in ways that can truly impact employee satisfaction and productivity, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

  • Office Chairs – a Great Starting Point in an Office Makeover

Old office chairs are damaging aesthetically to your office and also bring no benefits to productivity or health to your employees.

Ergonomic chairs are highly recommended for office spaces that have employees seated for long hours. This can increase their work ethic and reduce back pains or worry about back problems and also reduce the medical bills for when your employees do get back problems.

Mesh chairs can add a more modern look to the office, as they are the industry leader for open workspaces. Other than that either leather or fabric chairs are also popular as long as they are kept in clean condition and the leather quality is good. This way the leather won’t sink in and make workers feel like they are sitting on wooden boards.

  • Office Furniture as Décor

It can be as simple as adding a piece of art or some statement lighting to modernise the office. If you want to keep all the old furniture that is absolutely fine, you just need to invest in some decorations. A big painting that incorporates some of the colours of your logo or writing that encourages your company values can add a certain vibe and aesthetic to the office space.

  • Reception Couches and Desks- Make a great first impression

Reception desks and couches can be as crazy and outspoken as you wish, or as demure and quaint as you please. Choosing the right aesthetic for the image you wish to portray can do absolute wonder for the productivity of your staff, the image of your business as well as the first impression your clients receive when walking in.

  • Well-furnished Pause Areas

It’s all fair and well to have an incredible break room or pause are for your staff to enjoy their lunch-breaks on, but what good is it if they are forced to stand around wolfing down a sandwich each day? The right couches, desk and chairs will allow them to relax well enough o feel recharged and ready to see out their workday.

  • Change your offices to an open-plan setup

Open-plan offices are the new norm. They have been proven to increase employee productivity and morale –for good reason, there is no segregation of staff members from one another, thus being conducive to collaborative efforts within any team. Using modular desks or workstations (LINK) will lend one of the most modern-looking aspects to your office, especially when you can choose a complimentary colour scheme to your existing or new setup.

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