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Five Tips to Avoid Buying the Wrong Office Chair Ixaxa Office Furniture

Five Tips to Avoid Buying the Wrong Office Chair

Five Tips to Avid Buying the Wrong Office Chair

Buying office furniture requires practical considerations that go far beyond aesthetics. The comfort and safety of your employees and your guests must be factored into every decision.

By avoiding a few commonly made buying mistakes, you can help ensure that the furniture you select will yield improved employee satisfaction, productivity and profits for your business.

How to Buy the Right Office Chair

  • Consider the users height

Aside from knowing who will use the chair, it is also important to know how tall or short the user is. A tall employee will have a hard time sitting on a fixed chair with short legs while a short employee won’t be comfortable in a big and high stool. It is nice to go for chairs that are adjustable in height so you won’t have to worry about the height of the user. They are versatile, and have pneumatic seat height adjustment that helps raise or lower your chair into its most comfortable position. The best office chairs usually have a height adjustable angled arms with soft cushion pads and one touch pneumatic seat height adjustment to ensure the user maximum comfort however tall he may be.

  • Take it for a test drive!

Yes, that office chair looks like the perfect addition to your office. The price is also right and it just seems the right one for you. But do take time to actually test the product to see if it is comfortable to sit in or free from defects and damages. Sometimes, you won’t see the damage unless you sit on it and feel it. Failure to test the chair before buying it may lead to returns, and you may end up wasting your time for a chair that won’t function at all.

  • Do not choose quantity over quality!

We know that everyone loves to find a bargain. But in buying a good office chair, it is important to know that you also give weight not only to price but to its value as well. Make a smart decision in buying that heavy-duty office chair, than that stool that may only last you for months. Even if it may cost a little higher, it has greater value since it can last you for years. It may cost a little bit more but you are guaranteed of the design and quality of the materials used to make the chair.

  • Choosing aesthetics over ergonomics

That chair may be pretty to look at, but is it comfortable to sit in? There are a lot of chairs nowadays that looks really beautiful and stylish. It may look pretty, but if you won’t be able to sit on it for so long, then it is useless. Comfort should be one of the top priorities when selecting an office chair. Yes aesthetics are important, but you should not base the decision of buying an office chair to just design alone.

  • Make sure it comes with a warranty!

It is important for products to have product warranty and sellers should always offer after-sales support to their customers. It is a common mistake of people to overlook product guarantee in buying new office chairs. Warranty services and issues sometimes may lead to headaches and regret. Make sure your office chair has at least 1-year warranty from the seller to secure you from manufacturing defects and damages.


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