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The Five Main Types of Office Chairs and What They’re Good For

The Five Main Types of Office Chairs and What They’re Good For

Office chairs aren’t just your everyday furniture lined with polyurethane foam. They’re particularly designed to promote excellent posture while providing great comfort. Now there are many types of office chairs available in the market these days, each of which is made for a specific function in a workplace. So in case you’re planning on adding a few extra seats in your office or even at your home, keep in mind that you have various choices. Let’s check out some of them now.

  • Conference Chairs

Also called the boardroom chair, this design is perfect for meetings as its best for relaxing positions. Since meetings are centred on talking and listening more than actual legwork, a consistently comfortable sitting position is of utmost importance, and this is exactly what you’ll get from conference chairs. On the other hand, they’re not mobile and adjustable, although some designs do have built-in wheels.

  • Ergonomic Chairs

If you’re looking for furniture that would be friendly on your back, then the ergonomic chair is perfect for you! This seat is ideal for those who suffer from back pain or spine problems because it’s specifically designed to give maximum back support. It’s also good for prolonged sitting, with adjustable heights, armrests, and headrests to help you maintain the right posture as you work in the office.

  • Executive Chairs

Executive chairs have casters and wheels which can rotate at all directions. They feature a high backrest, lined with thick layers of polyurethane foam and soft material often in the form of leather. Not only is there padding on the armrest, but you can also adjust the backrest according to your preference. These chairs tend to be more expensive due to their one-of-a-kind features. As such, it’s often used by the companies’ top executives – hence the name.

  • Mesh Chairs

Unlike other office chairs lined with foam and leather, mesh chairs are lined with a net-like fabric that gives them good air circulation. This feature, coupled with its cushioned seats, allows you to sit at your desk without feeling hot and sweaty.  It’s popular in the workplace because it gives ventilation, something other designs can’t provide. Aside from office use, you can also enjoy this chair in front of the computer desk at your own home.

  • Task Chairs

Last but not the least are task chairs. As the most popular office chair, this type has a basic design, with casters and wheels for mobility and a rotating mechanism that allows you to swivel as you please. It’s also lined with foam to give it significant comfort level. To assure your convenience, its creators have made the height easily adjustable. And on top of all these features, task chairs come in reasonable prices.


These are the chairs most commonly found in the workplace. Much like the employees that make companies strong, they each have different functions, each chair design provides different levels of comfort.


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Cover Image Credit: National Business Furniture

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