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Filing Cabinet Types And Applications: Home Vs Office Vs Home Office

Filing Cabinet Types And Applications: Home Vs Office Vs Home Office

Whether it’s our home, office or home office space, at some stage we will require a form of a filing system. Most of us only start considering this option when our space is in disarray. Filing cabinets are a great way of organising our space and there are so many different options to choose from.

Filing Cabinet Types And Applications

  1. Metal cabinets

“Metal cabinets are ideal for automotive and electrical industries. Made from premium grade basic materials, such cabinets are easy to clean, and complements modern day interiors. Moreover, it’s popular for its longevity and durability, and is available in both muted and vibrant colours.

  1. Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets are sturdy and long-lasting and are available in a variety of colours. Warm cherry wood colour is popularly used in offices, while espresso-coloured wood matches well with the modern theme.

  1. Vertical Cabinet

Vertical cabinets are the most traditional of all cabinets. This tall and slender cabinet is used in different types of organizations, from auto repairs shops, to the dry cleaners to the library.  It comes with two-, three-, four-, and five-drawer models. The wood model of this cabinet comes in a variety of colours, such as cherry, espresso, maple or oak. Other options include cabinets with high-sided drawers that do not require hang rails, greener filing cabinets that are built per indoor air quality emission levels and many more.

  1. Lateral file cabinets

If you wish to make the best use of office space, lateral file cabinets are the best. These cabinets are ideal for lawyers, accountants, human resources director and medical officers. Besides offering secure storage, it offers instant access to files of thousands of customers and employees. Plus, you can have a single or two-drawer facility for your office.”

Filing Cabinet Types And Applications – Home

As much as we need to organise our space at work, we need to do more so at home. In most cases it would be more along the lines of storage. Filing cabinets can be used for this as well. This will greatly depend on your space available and the amount of items you need to organise or store.

For home use, you may consider some of the following options available at Ixaxa:

You can become quite creative in your use of these Filing Cabinets, Credenzas and Book Shelves. Some of them can be doubled up as a cabinet for your dining room, or a stand in your TV room for your TV and appliances, and much more.

Filing Cabinet Types And Applications – Office

In an office environment, it is of the utmost importance that you remain organised with your documents and other items. For most people, clutter may distract them and have a negative impact on their productivity. It also makes life at work a lot easier if you have everything in one place.

For office organisation you may consider the following options available at Ixaxa.

For smaller amounts of storage or organisation:

For larger amounts of storage or organisation:

No matter what your filing or organisation needs, Ixaxa can assist you in choosing the correct filing cabinet for your office.

Filing Cabinet Types And Applications – Home Office

This is the in-between home and office, we call it the Home Office. Whether it is just for your personal home office, or a work-from-home office space, you will also need to organise your documents and other items. You can use any of the filing cabinet or pedestal options available at Ixaxa for your needs. Deciding on the right options for your home office needs will largely depend on the space you have available and the amount of storage or organisation you require.

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