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Executive Office Furniture vs General Office Furniture – What You Need to Know Before Buying for 2019

Executive Office Furniture vs General Office Furniture – What You Need to Know Before Buying for 2019

When it comes to office furniture, we can classify between executive and general. General office furniture is considered your entry level and everything in between, office furniture and executive office furniture is considered more along the lines of your managerial office furniture, with larger desks, etc.

Sometimes you need to replace some of your existing office furniture or you need to buy new office furniture if you are expanding. We discuss what you need to know before buying new office furniture in 2019.

“Things To Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

There are many factors to take into account. Let’s list the more notable mistakes commonly made by companies:

Aesthetics Vs. Function

Appearance is an important factor, but nothing should undermine the comfort and health of your employees and workplace. Chairs with stylish looks that lack function and comfort mean nothing.

Employee Needs

Every employee is different. Get buy-in from your employees. A short survey, specific for your organization, might be a good start. Include in the survey multiple choice and open-ended questions that enable employees to provide specific feedback on their ideal work space.

Purchasing Plan

Buying commercial office furniture requires just as much due diligence as if you were to integrate new software or hardware; it is an investment for your people. Key considerations should include two questions about usage: How often? And by whom? The answers to those questions will provide you the broad strokes including to think long term vs short term.

Time To Test

The saying “try before you buy” holds true for office furniture. Testing out office furniture can save you a lot of time and money, plus it engages productive employee feedback.

Things To Consider When Buying Office Furniture

Plan The Process

Ordering new office furniture may take longer than expected. It isn’t like buying residential furniture at the nearest store, where you can browse and select what you like and have it delivered next day.

The benefit is efficiency in placement, as every space is different and you can customize your furniture to suit the space. Rule of thumb: If you feel it is too early to start, then it is the perfect time to start.

Define Your Workplace

Furniture placement can be customized to fit any space. A designer and/or a space planner is desirable, and both play a key role in the experience.

Points To Reflect On About Your Current Space:

  • Is it separated?
  • Do certain people need to be closer to others?
  • Does certain equipment need to be accessible to everyone?
  • Do you need bigger or smaller meeting space(s)?
  • Is collaboration encouraged throughout the organization?
  • Are spaces available for focused work?


Most furniture you purchase will be with you for the next 15 to 20 years. The technology your organization uses, however, will be in a state of perpetual change and never static.

Make sure your furniture can adapt with the changes. Modular systems adapt easily to new settings and cultural trends.

Computers and their hardware are shrinking and disappearing into the background of the office.


Everyone seeks the line where quality and affordability meet. When it comes to furniture, most treat it as a negative instead of positive. We believe this is because it is an expense and furniture is thought of as a commodity. i.e. “just a desk” or “just a chair.”

Thoughts like those will lead to purchasing very low-quality furniture that falls apart in a few years, requiring additional purchases for replacement products.

Inevitably, repeat mediocre purchasing will define your organization. Quality purchases contribute and communicate more to your stakeholders. Purchase furniture that will minimize your long-term cost of ownership.”

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